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Alex 20 Sidewalk Chalks
When searching for that next fun art project, look no further than these chalks and your front sidewalk for inspiration. Perfect for days too nice to stay inside, this variety pack includes 20 marbleized, dotted, rainbow, and solid color chalks for creating multicolored artwork with a single stroke. Your kids will love drawing pictures where the paper never ends, and you'll appreciate a fun and creative activity that keeps the mess outside.

Made in China 20 Sidewalk Chalks.
Price: $ 7.99
Alex 24 Finger Crayons
Put the next masterpiece right at their fingertips with this set of Finger Crayons. Small fingers can slip right into each crayon, and kids can load up on 10 colors at once for wildly creative coloring. The rounded design is also easy for small hands to hold. The crayons stack up for storage, too.

Made in China 24 Finger Crayons.
Price: $ 16.99
Alex Beginner Paint Brush Set
Little children don't yet have the fine motor skills to grasp slim art brushes effectively. With a chunky, ergonomic design, these are the perfect beginner paint brushes. Their uniquely designed bulb-shaped handles are just right for little hands, as well as for young artists with special needs.

Made in China Beginner Paint Brush Set.
Price: $ 6.99
Alex Build a World Nesting Boxes
Nesting these see-through cubes creates multi-layered scenes that inspire creative storytelling. Match four jungle scenes to spark a jungle story..four farm scenes to spin a barnyard tale. But the fun really starts when your child layers jungle, farm, ocean, and backyard scenes to create wonderfully mixed-up worlds.

Made in China Build a World Nesting Boxes.
Price: $ 15.99
Alex Car Valet
This brightly polka-dotted zippered portfolio attaches to your front-seat headrest, keeping art supplies organized in the car and within your child's reach. An adjustable zip-down flap lays flat against the seat for hanging storage, or secures at a 90-degree angle to offer an on-the-road drawing surface. It also makes a perfect airplane activity carry-on.

Made in China Car Valet.
Price: $ 29.99
Alex Clay Pictures
Here's a fun variation on traditional coloring-book activities. Three picture molds -- a butterfly, tiger, and fish -- become colorful scenes as your child fills them in with clay. The push-and-smush clay never dries out, so your budding artist can create and re-create endless color combinations. Each picture goes from mush to masterpiece with the addition of a background scene and bright frame.

Made in China Clay Pictures.
Price: $ 10.99
Alex Color Scroller
This clever and creative drawing station is the perfect art-on-the-go activity -- compact, self-contained, and sturdy. Simply insert the paper scroll into the plastic unit, turn the knobs, and the next picture advances for more coloring fun. The perfect size for a child's laptop, it's ideal to take along anywhere entertaining distraction is needed -- in the car, in the grocery cart, in the doctor's office, or on an airplane.

Made in China Color Scroller.
Price: $ 11.99
Alex Completer Cook Set
Unlike its plastic counterparts, this quality stainless steel cookware set will stand up to years of use while retaining its nostalgic charm.

Made in China Completer Cook Set.
Price: $ 21.99
Alex Curvy Swervy Matching Game
Double-sided pieces make for twice the fun. Assembled one way this puzzle forms a swervy snake, the other way it's a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam that challenges your child to match taxi to taxi, fire truck to fire truck.

Made in China Curvy Swervy Matching Game.
Price: $ 11.99
Alex Dot-to-Dot Art to Go
This bucket full of art supplies is a surefire way to keep your child happily occupied in a restaurant, a doctor's waiting room anywhere a little distraction comes in handy. It's a durable, colorful vinyl tote with eight pockets around the outside, each labeled to hold crayons, markers, chalk, paint brushes, scissors, or pencils.

Made in China Dot-to-Dot Art to Go.
Price: $ 24.99
Alex Dough Party
Pliable, soft, and moldable Alex modeling dough is a young sculptor's best friend. This all-in-one bucket holds all of the dough and tools your child needs to sculpt fun shapes and one-of-a-kind creations. The bucket includes six primary colors of dough, along with child-safe plastic cutters, extruders, sculpting tools, and more. It's a wonderful hands-on, tactile form of creative expression and just plain good, silly fun.

Made in China Dough Party.
Price: $ 24.99
Alex Finger Painting Party
When inspiration strikes, get out the finger paints and let your kids explore the fun of making art. Equipped with six jars of colorful finger paint, cool tools, and charming cut-out shapes, this bucket has everything a child needs to get creative. And don't be surprised if a few toes make their way into the fun!

Made in China Finger Painting Party.
Price: $ 24.99
Alex In My Kitchen
This cute, compact toy kitchen allows your child's imagination to cook up a storm. Pancakes? Pizza? Potstickers? They'll be ready in a jiffy.

Made in China In My Kitchen.
Price: $ 59.99
Alex It's a Match! Fun Food Memory Skill Game
Pizza and cupcakes may be your child's idea of a winning match, but not in this game. Each player flips a card to reveal a yummy food graphic, then tries to pick its matching food from the face-down cards. In this case, two lollipops are better than one!

Made in China It's a Match! Fun Food Memory Skill Game.
Price: $ 9.99
Alex Jr. 'Round the Farm
This soft velour ball is four animals in one: Rolling it around reveals a smiling dog, cat, pig, and frog. Your child will quickly learn that pressing an ear inspires each barnyard buddy to make its sound (Ruff! Meow! Oink! Ribbit!). And the looped, knotted tail encourages pinching and poking -- activities known to improve dexterity.

Made in Sri Lanka Alex Jr. 'Round the Farm.
Price: $ 24.99
Alex Jr. Busy Ball
This plush little ball sprouts colorful loops and knots that encourage your baby's pinching, poking, and clutching -- activities known to improve dexterity. For a fun bonus, it rattles with a gentle shake or rollicking roll.

Made in Sri Lanka Alex Jr. Busy Ball.
Price: $ 8.99
Alex Jr. Busy Bee Discovery Flower
Fold open these activity-filled flower petals and unfurl the fun. The smiling bugs make music, crinkling, squeaking, and rattling sounds. And look! Whose face is that in the mirror? Soft velour loops and knots invite tactile exploration, allowing your baby's dexterity to blossom.

Made in Sri Lanka Alex Jr. Busy Bee Discovery Flower.
Price: $ 34.99
Alex Jr. Cuddly Kid Boy
This plush little doll is equal parts softness and sunshine. Your baby will be drawn to the wide eyes and rosy smile; one touch of the velvety velour will seal the friendship. Cuddly Kid's wild and wiggly hair is looped and knotted to encourage pinching and poking -- activities known to improve dexterity.

Made in Sri Lanka Alex Jr. Cuddly Kid.
Price: $ 15.99
Alex Jr. Cuddly Kid Girl
This plush little doll is equal parts softness and sunshine. Your baby will be drawn to the wide eyes and rosy smile; one touch of the velvety velour will seal the friendship. Cuddly Kid's wild and wiggly hair is looped and knotted to encourage pinching and poking -- activities known to improve dexterity.

Made in Sri Lanka Alex Jr. Cuddly Kid.
Price: $ 15.99
Alex Jr. Funny Bunny Blocks
What squeaks, crinkles, rattles, and reflects? This fun foursome of soft fabric blocks. Each block is an activity all its own with a merry mix of colors and patterns and a stimulating sound or mirror. A striped blue bunny case adds an element of imaginative play.

Made in Sri Lanka Alex Jr. Funny Bunny Blocks.
Price: $ 24.99

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