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The First Years Adjust & Lock Car Shades (2-Pack)
Designed to protect your infant from UV rays and irritating glare, this shade by The First Years filters out sunlight while still providing the driver with good visibility. Made of vinyl mesh and mounted by suction cups on a retractable spring, the shade is easy to install, fits neatly in any car, and can be pulled up when your baby wants an unobstructed view of the great outdoors. Adjust & Lock Car Shades (2-Pack).
Price: $ 8.99
The First Years Air-Flow Sleep Positioner
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies sleep on their side or back to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The Air-Flow Back Sleeper helps keep your baby in the proper sleeping position with two rounded frames that adjust with self-fastener strips to accommodate your growing baby. The frames are hollow, with mesh ends that allow for greater air circulation and prevent heat buildup. The open-weave fabric, decorated with stars and moons, is machine washable. Air-Flow Sleep Positioner.
Price: $ 9.99
The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper
Keep your baby close to you at night with this sturdy, four-sided infant bed. It fits between adult-size pillows so that your baby's head is level with yours, creating a safe and secure sleeping environment. Protective sides help prevent you from rolling on top of your baby, and head and foot barriers minimize the risk of entrapment between the mattress and headboard or wall. Close and Secure Sleeper.
Price: $ 42.99
The First Years Dreams-in-Sight Projection Mobile
This dual-purpose mobile allows you to choose the activity best suited to daytime or bedtime: You can select rotating animal friends or calming images of the moon and stars projected on a canopy. Designed to help develop your baby's visual tracking skills, the images are projected onto the nearby rotating canopy, making it easy for your baby to see. Soothing musical selections include classical, lullaby, spa, and nature sounds. Dreams-in-Sight Projection Mobile.
Price: $ 39.99
The First Years Easy Pour Milk Storage Bags
If you've had trouble with breast milk storage bags in the past, then you might be a candidate for this new product by The First Years. Designed in consultation with lactation experts, these bags take the worry out of pouring precious breast milk from bag to bottle. The wide mouth and self-standing design make the bags very easy to fill, and the special pour spout allows contents to be transferred neatly from one container to the next. Easy Pour Milk Storage Bags.
Price: $ 7.99
The First Years Finding Nemo Bath Mat
Help your child be safe and have fun with this soft and cheery no-slip bath mat. Finding Nemo Bath Mat.
Price: $ 12.95
The First Years Hands-Free Gate
Designed to be an obstacle to your baby but not to you, this safety gate opens with a push of your foot and knee, leaving one hand free to carry your baby, the other free for laundry, toys, bottles you name it. Hands-Free Gate.
Price: $ 64.99
The First Years Hands-Free Gate Extension
If you own a Hands-Free Gate from The First Years, or are planning to buy one, this extension adds 5 to the width of your gate, making it suitable for openings from 34 to 39 wide. Hands-Free Gate Extension.
Price: $ 15.99
The First Years Hide-a-Way Gate
Looking for a clever alternative to the bulky baby gate? This slim, retractable mesh gate by The First Years virtually disappears when it's not in use. Mounted on a light but sturdy frame, the mesh gate opens and closes with the push of a button that's easy for adults but difficult for toddlers. It adjusts to fit most doorways and comes with spacers to accommodate baseboards and uneven surfaces. Hide-a-Way Gate.
Price: $ 69.99
The First Years Massaging Teether
This colorful vibrating teether can help increase circulation in your baby's swollen gums and reduce the swelling and discomfort associated with teething. Your baby just bites down on the star points and gentle vibrations instantly begin to massage his gums. A non-replaceable battery guaranteed to last at least four months from the date of purchase is safely sealed within the handle. Massaging Teether.
Price: $ 7.99
The First Years Night & Day Bottle Warmer
Perfect for those late-night feedings, this bottle warmer has a removable, insulated cooler to keep two bottles chilled and at the ready for up to eight hours. The compact warming chamber works with all bottle types, using steam heat to warm to the ideal temperature. A softly glowing nightlight lets you prepare your baby's bottle without turning on additional lights. Night & Day Bottle Warmer.
Price: $ 37.99
The First Years Quick-Serve Bottle Warmer
This compact bottle warmer heats all bottle types -- straight, angled, disposable, wide-neck, even baby food jars -- quickly and evenly. Using steam heat, it features a simple measuring system that allows you to add just the right amount of water to warm a bottle to the ideal temperature. Plus, you never have to worry about hot spots or loss of nutrients. Quick-Serve Bottle Warmer.
Price: $ 18.99
The First Years Rear Window Sunshade
Designed to protect your infant from UV rays and irritating glare, this oversized sunshade by The First Years filters out sunlight while still providing the driver with good visibility. Made of fabric mesh mounted on a light and sturdy frame, the shade is easy to install and fits neatly on the rear window of any car, or the side window of a van or SUV. Rear Window Sunshade.
Price: $ 8.99
The First Years Safe & Certain Microwave Sterilizer with Soothie B
This compact sterilizer holds four bottles, nipples, and caps, and works in your microwave. Simply add water and microwave on high for three to seven minutes or until the heat-sensitive label changes color to signal that the cycle is complete. About the size of a large mixing bowl, this sterilizer can be used to clean anything made of microwave-safe plastic, from toddler cups to pacifiers. Safe & Certain Microwave Sterilizer with Soothie Bottles.
Price: $ 24.95
The First Years Soft Bite Spoon (5-Pack)
Help your baby say hello to solid foods with these colorful, soft-bite spoons. Neither too wide nor too deep, they're perfectly shaped for small mouths and are designed for your and your baby's comfort. They're easy to hold, easy on your baby's gums, and with five spoons per pack, you'll always have one on-hand when you need it. Soft Bite Spoon (5-Pack).
Price: $ 4.99
The First Years Soothie Bottle Starter Set
Everything you need to feed your growing baby in one well-designed kit. The set includes: three 5-oz. and two 9-oz. Soothie bottles, three slow-medium and two medium-fast flow silicone nipples, snack/formula containers that snap onto the bottom of the bottles, a newborn Soothie pacifier, and a bottle brush. Soothie Bottle Starter Set.
Price: $ 19.95
The First Years Soothie Pacifier (2-Pack)
Designed in consultation with child development and parenting experts, these silicone pacifiers are used in over 2,000 hospitals nationwide. The simple, one-piece construction makes them durable and easy to clean, and the clear green design makes them one of the most discreet pacifiers you can buy. Available in newborn for up to 3 months. Soothie Pacifier (2-Pack).
Price: $ 4.99
The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler Tub
This convenient tub accommodates your growing baby, starting with a machine-washable nylon bath cradle for your newborn. On one side of the tub is a contoured backrest and seat to support your infant; the other end has an upright back for a seated child. There's a basin at the foot of the tub for fresh water or accessories, and a built-in plug (which changes color when the water is too hot) makes draining the water easy. Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler Tub.
Price: $ 20.99
The First Years Take & Toss Bowls & Lids (7-Pack)
Economical enough to toss, but certainly nice enough to keep, these colorful, lightweight bowls are great for home or travel. A tight-fitting lid prevents leaks, and the translucent plastic allows you to see what's inside. Take & Toss Bowls & Lids (7-Pack).
Price: $ 4.99
The First Years Take & Toss Color Change Infant Spoons (10-Pack)
Even though they're called Take & Toss, these recyclable spoons are definitely worth keeping. They're perfectly sized and shaped for tiny mouths, and they turn white when dipped into food that's too hot -- a terrific feature that busy moms grow to depend on. Plus, with 10 spoons per pack, you'll always have one on-hand when you need it. Take & Toss Color Change Infant Spoons (10-Pack).
Price: $ 2.99

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