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Safety 1st Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer
Safety 1st Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer  
Taking your infant's temperature can be perfume stressful for you both, so the care sooner it's over, the better. This beauty thermometer gives an accurate reading in product just 8 seconds and thoughtful features perfume like a soft, flexible tip and care an over-insertion gauge make it a beauty safer, more comfortable choice for rectal product use. Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer.
  Price: $ 7.95
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Safety 1st Secure Top Bed Rail
Prevent your child from taking a tumble during the night. This safety rail provides 15 inches of foam-padded protection and folds down when it's time to make the bed. Secure Top Bed Rail.
Price: $ 34.99
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Safety 1st Deluxe Funtime Froggy Bath Center
Toys and a new, padded terry sling add a deluxe dimension to your baby's bath time. Designed with comfort in mind, this tub cradles your infant in warm water, keeps bathing necessities within easy reach, and delights with fun pals. The tub also features a handy rinse pitcher and temperature indicator strip that signals when the water is just right. Deluxe Funtime Froggy Bath Center.
Price: $ 24.99
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Safety 1st Tubside Bath Seat
Straining to support your baby in the tub while trying to reach those hard-to-clean spots can be tough on your back. This well-designed contoured bath seat does the swiveling for you, offering easy access to your baby's front, back, and sides while you stay in one comfortable position. You can also lock the seat in a stationary position. Tubside Bath Seat.
Price: $ 27.99
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Safety 1st Warm Me Shower & Bath
Rub-a-dub-dub, you'll love this tub. A cushioned sling and warm water tank allow you to position your baby (in upright or reclined mode) so that they're perfectly cozy and comfortable. A manual shower sprayer makes it a snap to wash hair and rinse suds away, not to mention the fun your baby will have once they get a hold of it. For newborns to toddlers, this modular tub will give you your money's worth in convenience and entertainment. Warm Me Shower & Bath.
Price: $ 29.99
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Safety 1st Froggy & Friends No Slip Bath Mat
Whether your child sits in the tub or stands in the shower, this textured mat will help prevent slips and falls. Plus, it's fun to look at. Froggy & Friends No Slip Bath Mat.
Price: $ 7.99
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Safety 1st No Tears Rinse Cup
If your baby or toddler doesn't like to get their face wet, this rinse cup can be a lifesaver when it comes to washing hair. The contoured spout makes it easy to pour precisely. The concave, foam edge nests against the forehead, helping you to keep the water running down your child's back instead of their face. No Tears Rinse Cup.
Price: $ 4.99
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Safety 1st Bath Buddy Thermometer
Protect your child from scalding water with this floating froggy thermometer. Or, if your child loves water play, the constant temperature read will also let you know when the tub has grown too cold. Bath Buddy Thermometer.
Price: $ 2.99
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Safety 1st Sound View Monitor
A monitor's most important job is to keep you connected to your baby. The Sound View by Safety 1st gets the job done thanks to an extremely sensitive microphone that picks up the quietest of sounds. The system uses an underutilized bandwidth (meaning you're less likely to experience interference) to deliver a secure connection to your baby. Sound View Monitor.
Price: $ 25.99
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Safety 1st Glow & Go 2 Receiver Monitor
A monitor's most important job is to keep you connected to your baby, and Safety 1st's Glow and Go 2 does just that. Using an underutilized, less crowded bandwidth, the Glow and Go delivers excellent sound with minimal interference. Sound lights and a digital temperature display also reassure you that your baby is safe and comfortable. Glow & Go 2 Receiver Monitor.
Price: $ 38.99
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Safety 1st Hi-Def Digital Monitor
This sleek monitor delivers exceptional sound, clarity, and range. And if privacy is a concern for you, this is your monitor. The transmitter is individually coded to the receiver for guaranteed zero interference, and the sound travels on an underutilized bandwidth for superior clarity. Hi-Def Digital Monitor.
Price: $ 75.99
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Safety 1st Digital Video Monitor
Designed to provide parents with picture-perfect peace of mind, this video monitor is state-of-the-art. It runs on the same breakthrough transmission technology used in the latest video conferencing equipment to deliver a perfect image with no static, interference, or scrambling. It's also compatible with your in-home wireless networks. Other smart features include remote pan and zoom, sounds lights, and night vision. Digital Video Monitor.
Price: $ 259.99
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Safety 1st Sleep Baby Nail Clipper
Trimming a baby's nails can be difficult, especially if your little one squirms a lot. Try it while they sleep! The Sleep Baby Nail Clippers illuminate tiny nails for tear-free clipping so you can confidently and accurately clip without waking your baby. Sleep Baby Nail Clipper.
Price: $ 4.99
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Safety 1st 4-Piece Oral Care Set
It's never too early to begin practicing good oral hygiene. This set by Safety 1st grows with your child from infant to toddler, helping to keep teeth and gums healthy every step of the way. 4-Piece Oral Care Set.
Price: $ 5.99
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Safety 1st Detach & Go Grooming & Healthcare Kit
Great for home or travel, this kit keeps you stocked and organized. Keep it near the changing table, in your diaper bag, or save it for trips. It's part first-aid, part health and beauty, and contains a smart assortment of essentials for your baby, like an extra medicine syringe, medicine spoon, tweezers, baby scissors, brush, and more, all housed in a handy, zippered case. Detach & Go Grooming & Healthcare Kit.
Price: $ 19.99
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Safety 1st Complete Grooming Kit
Great for home or travel, this kit keeps you stocked and organized. Keep it near the changing table, in your diaper bag, or save it for trips. It contains a smart assortment of health and beauty essentials for your child, including a brush, comb, toothbrush, nail clippers, and more, all housed in a handy, zippered case. Complete Grooming Kit.
Price: $ 8.99
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Safety 1st 8 Second Underarm Thermometer
If you prefer to take your child's temperature under the arm, you'll love this thermometer. Especially designed for fast and accurate underarm readings, it also includes a fever alert that beeps and flashes when it detects an elevated temperature. 8 Second Underarm Thermometer.
Price: $ 9.99
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Safety 1st Accu-RATE Forehead/Underarm Thermometer
Many parents find the forehead or underarm offers the easiest way to take a child's temperature. This thermometer is designed to do just that, and more accurately than most. Whereas traditional thermometers use mathematical predictions based on skin temperature to determine body temperature, this thermometer uses RATE technology (rapid, accurate, temperature establishment) to calculate heat flow from blood vessels to the skin surface, delivering a more precise read. Accu-RATE Forehead/Underarm Thermometer.
Price: $ 34.99
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