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   Playtex Products:  
Playtex Create My Own Cup
Personalize a cup by coloring, drawing, or adding photos or stickers to a sheet that drops between the sidewalls of this insulated sippy cup. Blanks and coloring templates included. Create My Own Cup.
Price: $ 5.99
Playtex Drop-Ins Disposable Bottle Liners
Enjoy peace of mind when you feed your baby. Playtex's collapsible disposable liners ensure a sterile bottle every time. Clearly marked for measuring, they show clearly how much your baby has taken in. And cleanup is effortless simply toss them when you're done. Drop-Ins Disposable Bottle Liners.
Price: $ 9.99
Playtex Eat & Discover Mealtime Tray
This tidy food tray sits neatly in front of your child at mealtime, offering four covered compartments filled with favorite foods -- plus visual and tactile stimulation to hold your baby's attention throughout the entire meal. Eat & Discover Mealtime Tray.
Price: $ 10.99
Playtex Eat & Discover On-the-Go Bowl
This 6 bowl lets you carry an entire meal for your baby while you're out and about. Three insulated compartments with leak-proof, snap-down lids keep foods separated and fresh. Eat & Discover On-the-Go Bowl.
Price: $ 10.99
Playtex Original Nurser Gift Set
This complete nurser set from Playtex makes a nice shower gift. It includes two 4-oz. original nursers, three 8-oz. original nursers, five 4-oz. Drop-Ins liners, five 8-oz. Drop-Ins liners, five self storing leak proof caps, five retainer rings and a variety of nipples. Original Nurser Gift Set.
Price: $ 17.99
Playtex Premium Nurser Newborn Gift Set - Disposable
This set is ideal for moms who plan to both breastfeed and bottle-feed. Included is a breast pump adapter ring that fits virtually any breast pump, allowing you to pump directly into the nurser. You can also pump and store directly into just the liner by attaching the liner ring to the adapter ring. Playtex Natural Shape silicone nipples resemble the shape of the breast, making it easier and less confusing for your baby to alternate between bottle and breast. The Playtex Disposable system is designed to reduce air intake, so your baby is less subject to gas, spitting up, and colic. Premium Nurser Newborn Gift Set - Disposable.
Price: $ 24.99
Playtex Safe 'N Sure Binky Pacifier
This unique one-piece pacifier is designed for your baby's safety no need to worry about the nipple separating from the shield. Made from clear, medical-grade silicone, the natural shape of the nipple mimics the breast nipple for your baby's sucking satisfaction. And the soft, flexible shield is specially shaped to fit comfortably on the mouth. It also has an easy-grip handle to help insert and remove the pacifier from your baby's mouth. Safe 'N Sure Binky Pacifier.
Price: $ 4.99
Playtex Sip & Discover Insulated Straw Cup
Bring the fun to the table with this nifty, insulated, spill-proof cup. It features a retractable straw and favorite Baby Einstein characters. Your child will find it entertaining and you'll find it convenient. Sip & Discover Insulated Straw Cup.
Price: $ 5.99
Playtex Sip & Discover Spill-Proof Trainer
This spill-proof, Baby Einstein-themed sippy cup makes mealtime an opportunity for your child to discover colors, shapes, and animals. The cup has a no-slip base and easy-grip handles that are attached to the lid, so they're always aligned. An added bonus -- the lid is interchangeable with all Playtex cups. Sip & Discover Spill-Proof Trainer.
Price: $ 5.5
Playtex The First Sipster (2-Pack)
Designed by a feeding specialist and pediatrician together, this spill-proof cup will help your child develop good drinking skills early on. The thin, tapered spout eases the transition from bottle to cup; plus it's made from hard plastic, which is great for your baby to gnaw on as teeth come in. The lid features soft-grip handles to promote independent drinking. The First Sipster (2-Pack).
Price: $ 8.99

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