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Mustela 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash
Clean your baby's delicate skin and fine hair without subjecting her to harsh and drying soap ingredients. This gentle cleanser is enriched with super-fatted agents to keep skin moist. 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash.
Price: $ 9
Mustela Baby Shampoo
This tearless shampoo is enriched with natural extracts of chamomile and wheat for your baby's delicate scalp, and is gentle enough for everyday use. Coco oil extracts smooth away tangles for easy combing. Baby Shampoo.
Price: $ 10
Mustela Baby Vitamin Barrier Cream
Specially formulated for the vulnerable area under your baby's diaper, this cream guards against wetness, chafing, and chapping with zinc oxide, and soothes and softens with vitamin B5 and shea butter. Baby Vitamin Barrier Cream.
Price: $ 8
Mustela Body Firming Activator
Regain firm, supple, pre-pregnant skin with this new dietary supplement by Mustela. Designed for the postpartum body and compatible with breastfeeding, this supplement helps restructure stretched skin for a renewed sense of vitality and shape. Recommended as a 3-month treatment regimen, it contains purified omega-3 essential fatty acids, borage oil, and pineapple extract to promote fat elimination and drainage. Body Firming Activator.
Price: $ 39
Mustela Cleansing and Soothing Wipes
Don't be fooled by how soft these wipes are if you think they'll tear easily, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Stronger by far than supermarket wipes, they're also superior because they're soaked in a gentle, no-rinse cleansing lotion well tolerated by even sensitive skin. Cleansing and Soothing Wipes.
Price: $ 10
Mustela Cold Cream Nutri-Protective
Protect your baby's delicate skin from the irritating and dehydrating effects of cold, wind, and heat with this nourishing, deep-penetrating cold cream. Sweet almond oil and other natural oils provide up to 8 hours of long-lasting hydration; shea butter soothes irritated skin and reduces redness. Cold Cream Nutri-Protective.
Price: $ 11
Mustela Dermo-Cleansing Solution - 16.9 oz.
Cleanse your newborn's delicate skin and scalp or your older baby's face and body without harsh, drying soap ingredients. This gentle cleansing gel is enriched with coconut derivatives and vitamin B5 to keep skin moist. Dermo-Cleansing Solution - 16.9 oz.
Price: $ 16
Mustela Facial Cleansing Cloths with Physiobebe
Hospitals and new parents have relied on Mustela products to gently clean babies' sensitive skin since 1950. These facial cleansing cloths are made with Physiobebe, Mustela's no-rinse, pH-balanced cleansing fluid. So gentle, you can use the cloths to clean your baby's face including eyes and lips safely and easily in one step, leaving skin soft, moisturized, and soothed. Facial Cleansing Cloths with Physiobebe.
Price: $ 7
Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns
This extremely mild shampoo is specially formulated with gentle exfoliating agents to soften, loosen, and wash away the flakes associated with your newborn's cradle cap. It also moisturizes and conditions his scalp with coconut oil derivatives to help prevent a recurrence. Foam Shampoo for Newborns.
Price: $ 11
Mustela Gentle Soap with Cold Cream
This fresh and fragrant bar soap contains Mustela's cold cream blend to create a protective shield on your child's skin. Ultra mild and moisturizing, it helps combat the drying effects of cold, wind, dry air, and hard water, leaving tender, young skin soft and smooth. Gentle Soap with Cold Cream.
Price: $ 6
Mustela High Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50
This mineral-based sun lotion ensures broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection for your baby's delicate skin. A unique combination of zinc salts, aloe vera, and soy phytosterols (rich in Vitamin E) provides an effective defense against the sun's harmful rays. Gentle enough for the face, the creamy lotion is easy to apply and is fragrance-free, water-resistant, and sweat-proof. High Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50.
Price: $ 15
Mustela Hydra-Bebe Body
Enriched with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter, this rich, hydrating body lotion is specially formulated to meet the needs of your baby's fragile skin. Smooth it on after every bath (you'll love the way it smells) to soothe, soften, moisturize, and protect against dryness. Hydra-Bebe Body.
Price: $ 13
Mustela Hydra-Bebe Face
Enriched with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, this light oil-in-water emulsion rubs on silky smooth and disappears into the skin almost immediately. It's dedicated to the task of hydrating, nourishing, and protecting the delicate skin on your baby's face (and the fragrance is heavenly). Hydra-Bebe Face.
Price: $ 10
Mustela Hydra-Stick
This smooth-as-butter moisturizing balm glides onto lips and cheeks, offering a soothing protective barrier against the dryness caused by excessively cold or hot weather. Enriched with conditioning shea butter and a moisturizing cold cream formula, it's just as effective for your own lips as for your baby's. Hydra-Stick.
Price: $ 9.5
Mustela Instant Comfort Legs
Give your legs a boost of energy with this specially formulated cream. Its high concentration of natural active ingredients helps comfort tired, heavy legs associated with pregnancy. Apply this cooling alcohol-free cream in the morning and evening, massaging gently from your ankles to your knees. Instant Comfort Legs.
Price: $ 19
Mustela M9M Discovery Kit
Perfect for moms-to-be, this starter set includes some of our favorite Mustela products. Lightweight and delicately scented, Stretch Marks Double Action and Specific Support Bust stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to help minimize stretch marks during pregnancy. Instant Comfort Legs is a revitalizing cream that cools and comforts tired, heavy legs associated with pregnancy. Ultimate Hydration nourishes dry, irritated skin. M9M Discovery Kit.
Price: $ 20
Mustela Massage Oil
Close, physical contact is essential for the emotional and physical development of your baby. Treat her to the pleasures of massage while sharing in a privileged moment of bonding. This specially formulated oil is made with sunflower oil, rich in fatty acids and a vitamin complex. The non-greasy formula glides over your baby's delicate skin, leaving it supple, moisturized, and protected. The spray dispenser avoids messy spills and delivers just the right amount of oil. Massage Oil.
Price: $ 12
Mustela Maternity Program - Introductory Set
This perfect starter set for the mom-to-be includes some of our favorite Mustela products. Lightweight and delicately scented, Stretch Marks Double Action and Specific Support Bust are designed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to help minimize stretch marks during pregnancy. Instant Comfort Legs is a revitalizing cream that imparts a cooling sensation to comfort tired, heavy legs associated with pregnancy. Maternity Program - Introductory Set.
Price: $ 31.5
Mustela Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath
Enriched with natural cornflower and marine extracts, this super-gentle bubble bath cleanses and softens delicate skin. With its bright blue color, heavenly scent, and silky smooth texture, it also helps develop your baby's sensory development. Specially formulated to reduce the risk of allergic reactions, the gel is hypoallergenic and tear free. Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath.
Price: $ 10
Mustela Newborn Set
If a new parent you know hasn't yet discovered Mustela, France's leading baby skincare company, this gift set makes a wonderful introduction. All four of these gently fragranced Mustela products (plus a bib) are specially formulated to pamper a baby's delicate skin: They're alcohol free, hypoallergenic, and nontoxic. Newborn Set.
Price: $ 35

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