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Learning Curve/Lamaze Soft Sorter
Learning Curve/Lamaze Soft Sorter  
Far more forgiving than the usual perfume plastic sorters (with this one, a care determined baby really can make a beauty square peg fit into a round product hole), these soft fabric shapes are perfume ideal for introducing several different concepts. care Your baby will learn to match beauty according to shape, color, or pattern. product And for added fun, each shape perfume makes its own crinkling, rattling, or care squeaking sound. The square shape even beauty has a pleasant green-apple scent to product engage your baby's sense of smell.

Made perfume in China Soft Sorter.
  Price: $ 24.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Sydney & Sandy Kangaroo
Smiling Sydney and her little baby Sandy are adorable first friends for your curious child, with different textures to finger, grip, and grab. Sydney's tail, ears, and feet crinkle, and she squeaks when you squeeze her tummy. There's a handy link for attaching mama and baby to a car seat, stroller, or carrier.

Made in China Sydney & Sandy Kangaroo.
Price: $ 14.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Mortimer the Moose
Smiling Mortimer is an adorable first friend for your curious baby, with different textures and sounds to explore. Each foot either crinkles, rattles, or ting-a-lings. His plastic ears double as nubby teethers, and he squeaks when you squeeze his tummy. Plus, there's a link for attaching Mortimer to a car seat, stroller, or carrier.

Made in China Mortimer the Moose.
Price: $ 14.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Patty the Panda
Smiling Patty is an adorable first friend for your curious baby, with different textures and sounds to explore. Her feet, ears, and bouquet of flowers crinkle, and she carries a plastic ring with beads that slide and rattle. Patty squeaks when you squeeze her tummy. Plus, there's a link to attach her to a car seat, stroller, or carrier.

Made in China Patty the Panda.
Price: $ 14.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze First Mirror
Young babies are fascinated by the human face, including their own. Is it another baby? Is it real? Hey, where did that baby go? This fun and portable mirror is a perfect choice for curious babies. It's covered in a soft, colorful frame, unbreakable, and mounts on a foam wedge for tummy time. It also easily attaches to a crib or car headrest. It hangs like a flap (attached with Velcro straps), and can be easily lifted by you or by your baby for a game of peek-a-boo.

Made in China First Mirror.
Price: $ 25.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Tug & Play Knot Block
Imagine a zany spider with noisy dangling legs and you have the Knot Block, an imaginative plaything for curious babies. The six spider legs, or ropes, have different toys on the ends, and slide back and forth through a clear plastic center cube. When your baby pulls one toy out, the toy on the other end goes in -- generating fun cause-and-effect action. The toys themselves are a cornucopia of baby delights: different shapes and textures to rattle, ring, crinkle, shake, and chew.

Made in China Tug & Play Knot Block.
Price: $ 14.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Puppytunes
This cuddly canine's four chunky legs double as color-coded musical notes when pushed or squeezed. Babies will delight in grabbing the legs and touching the ears to hear notes, squeaks, and crinkles, while older children will enjoy stringing notes together to play made-up or familiar songs. Simple instructions on how to play children's favorites like Old MacDonald, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, and Three Blind Mice are included on the tag.

Made in China Puppytunes.
Price: $ 24.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Octotunes
This soft, smiling octopus friend hides a secret -- squeeze each of his eight legs and you'll be rewarded with a different musical note. His knotted collar is fun to finger, and there's a carrying handle on top of his head for easy toting.

Made in China Octotunes.
Price: $ 29.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Musical Inchworm
This soft, sinewy inchworm is a curious baby's delight, with different textures to finger and engaging sounds to produce. It crinkles, rattles, and ting-a-lings -- squeezing inchworm's head rewards with a soft tune. There's even a ruler printed on one side so a growing baby can begin learning the concept of measuring in inches or centimeters.

Made in China Musical Inchworm.
Price: $ 17.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Tucker the Turtle
Another winning character from Lamaze, Tucker the Turtle plays peek-a-boo by tucking his head and legs inside his soft velour shell. For added fun, there's an unbreakable mirror on his underside, his head squeaks, and each leg either rattles or crinkles.

Made in China Tucker the Turtle.
Price: $ 12.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Celeste the Sun
Celeste may be two-faced but she'll always be a loyal friend. On one side, a puffy velour sun presents a winsome smile; on the other, a smooth, satiny moon welcomes the night. Elastic danglers hold a star teether, a velour square that rattles, a velour circle that squeaks, and a plastic link for hitching Celeste to car seat or crib.

Made in China Celeste the Sun.
Price: $ 12.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Buzz the Bug
With his adorable smile and big black-and-white eyes, Buzz is an easy bug to make friends with. All six legs dangle with a different activity, including a ringing ball, squeaky heart, rattling star, and plastic rings for grasping or chewing. His silky wings crinkle, and he's equipped with a link for attaching to a stroller or car seat.

Made in China Buzz the Bug.
Price: $ 14.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Stretch the Giraffe
Stretch really knows how to show your baby a good time. His neck and legs will withstand endless tugging and chewing, and each of his feet rewards your child's playful exploration with a different sound.

Made in China Stretch the Giraffe.
Price: $ 14.99
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Learning Curve/Lamaze Pupsqueak the Puppy
This adorable little puppy helps teach cause and effect with playful sounds. Pupsqueak barks and pants when you push his nose and squeaks when you shake him up and down. Among lots of other fun hidden noises, his soft, satiny ears and bone make a crinkling sound, and his paws rattle and jingle.

Made in China Pupsqueak the Puppy.
Price: $ 14.99
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