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Lambs & Ivy Choo Choo Express Wallpaper Border
Lambs & Ivy Choo Choo Express Wallpaper Border  
Cows and horses, bunnies and dogs perfume take a joyful ride on an care endless, and endlessly charming, train. A beauty continuous line of railroad track runs product through the patchwork squares, which are perfume printed in versatile blues and browns care and framed in soft blue. The beauty roll is a generous 30' long, product and the prepasted vinyl is easy perfume to apply and wipes clean. Coordinates care with the Choo Choo Express collection. beauty Choo Choo Express Wallpaper Border.
  Price: $ 24.95
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Lambs & Ivy Choo Choo Express Lamp with Shade
This whimsical lamp lights up your baby's room and the charming train station at its base. The train cars and their animal passengers encircle the station, and the sweet characters reappear on the shade. The lamp will shed soft light on nursing and napping during your baby's infancy; it will be a welcome bedside accent during the toddler years. Choo Choo Express Lamp with Shade.
Price: $ 48.95
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Lambs & Ivy Choo Choo Express Decorative Pillow
Chugging along embroidered tracks, a sweet little steam engine makes this pillow a whimsical accent for the crib or rocking chair. The train is appliqued in delightful colors and a mix of denim, houndstooth, and faux suede, then embroidered in coordinating hues and topped with a choo choo puff trailing from its smokestack. Choo Choo Express Decorative Pillow.
Price: $ 19.95
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Lambs & Ivy Petals Musical Mobile
A quartet of perfectly pretty butterflies twirl happily under a canopy of pink dotted fabric with a checkered flange. The sturdy plastic arm is covered in fabric and attaches to any standard crib; wind it up to set the mobile into gentle motion and start the soothing sound of Brahms' Lullaby. Petals Musical Mobile.
Price: $ 48.99
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Lambs & Ivy Moo Moo Baby Six-Piece Crib Set
Fresh from the farm, this bedding collection ensures that going to bed is always a bright spot in your baby's day. Sky blue and sunny yellow cotton fabrics make each piece cozy and soft, while the barnyard and animals come to life in embroidery and appliques in a variety of patterns and textures. Moo Moo Baby Six-Piece Crib Set.
Price: $ 205.99
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Lambs & Ivy Moo Moo Baby Mobile
Lull your baby to sleep with a barnyard parade that includes cows, sheep, and a chicken riding a tractor. The friendly group is sewn from plush fabrics and plumped with batting, and they dangle from a tailored cotton canopy. The sturdy plastic arm attaches to any standard crib; wind it up to set the mobile into gentle motion and start the soothing sound of Brahms' Lullaby. Moo Moo Baby Mobile.
Price: $ 48.95
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Lambs & Ivy Moo Moo Baby Window Valance
Add a touch of fresh-from-the-farm cheer to the nursery with this window valance. Tailored from cotton fabrics in sunny colors, it's appliqued with a tractor, cows, a sweet little chicken, and other barnyard essentials. The tab top fits easily over any standard window pole. Moo Moo Baby Window Valance.
Price: $ 24.95
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Lambs & Ivy Moo Moo Baby Lamp with Shade
The sun rises on the farm every time you turn on this lamp, which sheds soft light in the nursery and over its charming barnyard base. Occupying the grassy platform, the cows, sheep, chickens, and barn are shaped from durable resin and decorated in fresh colors that coordinate with the printed paper shade. Moo Moo Baby Lamp with Shade.
Price: $ 48.99
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Lambs & Ivy Moo Moo Baby Growth Chart
Smiling farm animals greet your child all the way up this growth chart, with farm-fresh colors and happy expressions to brighten up the nursery. The whimsical characters and 2 x 2 1/2 photo frames are crafted from resin for great detail and durability. The sturdy wood chart measures from 2' to 5' tall in easy-to-read 1 increments. Mounting hardware not included. Moo Moo Baby Growth Chart.
Price: $ 26.99
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Lambs & Ivy Moo Moo Baby Canvas Art
This set of prints includes three views of a busy barnyard, where cows, sheep, chickens, and dogs mind the farm with a smile. The happy scenes are printed on canvas in sunny pastel colors -- with the barn and tractor in red, of course -- and stretched over sturdy frames. Moo Moo Baby Canvas Art.
Price: $ 31.95
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Lambs & Ivy Moo Moo Baby Hamper
There's no reason to be a chicken when it comes to laundry -- these little hens have you covered. Along with a whimsical tractor and dog, they're appliqued in textured fabrics on cotton, with a flap that conceals linens. A lift-out cotton-mesh liner allows for easy toting. The sturdy wood frame folds flat for compact storage. Moo Moo Baby Hamper.
Price: $ 39.99
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Lambs & Ivy Secret Garden Portacrib Set
Bring a sunny garden on every adventure with this portacrib bedding set from Lambs & Ivy. The three-piece suite includes a fitted sheet and padded bumper tailored from cotton, plus a cozy fleece blanket. Part of the Secret Garden collection, the pieces are printed with a cheerful array of butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers. Secret Garden Portacrib Set.
Price: $ 72.99
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Lambs & Ivy Bubbles Six-Piece Crib Set
Get into the swim of things with bedding decorated with whimsical bubbles and sea animals -- octopus, starfish, shells, seahorses, and more. The animals are appliqued in touchable textures and appliqued with expressive details. The collection is tailored from a patchwork of plush Velboa and a bubble print in sea-foam greens and blues. The elasticized crib sheet is printed with sea animals inside floating bubbles. Bubbles Six-Piece Crib Set.
Price: $ 209.99
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Lambs & Ivy Bubbles Musical Mobile
Inspire dreams of the sea with plush ocean creatures and the soothing notes of Brahms' Lullaby. Three plush fish and an octopus float beneath a canopy of bubble-print cotton. The sturdy plastic arm attaches easily to any standard crib. Bubbles Musical Mobile.
Price: $ 48.99
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Lambs & Ivy Bubbles Window Valance
Make a splash at the nursery window with this ocean-inspired valance. A bubble-print pole pocket tops the blue and white panels, which serve as home for appliqued sea creatures including starfish and a crab, an octopus and a little school of fish. Bubbles Window Valance.
Price: $ 24.99
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Lambs & Ivy Bubbles Wall Hangings
Like windows looking out into an undersea oasis, three blue portholes frame ocean creatures frolicking about. Depicting a clam, an octopus, and a crab cavorting with a starfish, the images are printed in lively colors and dotted with little blue bubbles. Bubbles Wall Hangings.
Price: $ 31.99
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