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Kane/Miller Book Publishers Contemplating Your Bellybutton
Everyone laughs at a bellybutton that sticks out. Why do I need a bellybutton, anyway? So begins a little boy's exploration of his origins in his mother's belly and the cord that connected them until the day he was born. Contemplating Your Bellybutton.
Price: $ 11.99
Kane/Miller Book Publishers Everyone Poops
Young children are fascinated with, and sometimes mystified by, the basic bodily functions we generally take for granted. This lighthearted picture book will help your curious child make the connection between eating and, well, as the book says so unabashedly, pooping. Everyone does it: elephants, toucans, fishes, snakes, and, of course, people, big and small. Everyone Poops.
Price: $ 13.99
Kane/Miller Book Publishers I Don't Want to Go to Bed
This headstrong little princess is determined to postpone bedtime for as long as possible, creating a raucous, royal dilemma for the entire castle. I Don't Want to Go to Bed.
Price: $ 6.99
Kane/Miller Book Publishers Say Please!
This demanding little princess doesn't know the power of please -- until it starts to get her what she wants. But can she teach her newfound manners to the furry blue monster who lives near the castle? It's fun to find out! Say Please!.
Price: $ 4.99
Kane/Miller Book Publishers The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts
This frank exploration of why our bodies pass gas is as playful as it is factual. Bright, simple line illustrations and informative text shatter a traditional taboo and demystify one of the bodily functions with which your child is, no doubt, all too frequently amused by. The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts.
Price: $ 12.99
Kane/Miller Book Publishers The Holes in Your Nose
This playful tribute to the anatomy of the nose isn't shy about tackling its topic head-on -- nose hairs, boogers, smelly farts, bloody noses. It's all laid out in text that's sometimes silly, yet always informative, accompanied by humorously graphic illustrations. The Holes in Your Nose.
Price: $ 6.99
Kane/Miller Book Publishers Wash Your Hands!
This boisterous little princess loved to get her hands dirty -- but didn't want to wash them. It takes the entire castle to convince her to wash those germs and nasties down the drain. Wash Your Hands!.
Price: $ 6.99

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