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Infantino Bucket Buddies
Infantino Bucket Buddies  
If these aren't the cutest buckets perfume you've ever seen! Soft, stackable, and care each with its own personality, they beauty squeak, rattle, crinkle, and can't wait product to play. Three little pals coordinate perfume with the buckets, ensuring loads of care fun as your child stacks them, beauty spills them, fills them, then dumps product them, over and over again.

Made in perfume China Bucket Buddies.
  Price: $ 21.99
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Infantino Total Body Support Shabby Taupe
Keep your little one from slumping and slipping forward in a car seat or stroller with Total Body Support. The thick, soft padding gently cuddles and supports the head, neck, shoulders, and sides for a snug, secure fit. Simply tuck in the cushion wing tips to add extra shoulder and body support for newborns, or move them apart to give larger babies more room. Covered in moisture-wicking CoolMax, this machine-washable cushion keeps baby comfy, cool, and posture-perfect. Total Body Support.
Price: $ 17.99
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Infantino Jungle Activity Shapes
This jungle of soft, squeezable shapes tucks into a stroller basket or diaper bag, poised for play. Each smiling safari animal is a handful of fun for your baby, offering bright colors and plenty of parts to grasp and chew on.

Made in China Jungle Activity Shapes.
Price: $ 15.99
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Infantino Barn Shape Sorter
Plop, plop, plop! Your child will get great satisfaction from dropping these letter and animal shapes through their matching holes into the barn below. When it's time to retrieve them, open the barn door and let the fun begin again.

Made in China Barn Shape Sorter.
Price: $ 18.99
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Infantino My First Animal Opposites Puzzles
Over/under; tall/short; in/out; night/day. Learning opposites is a great way to double your child's vocabulary. These corresponding puzzle pieces illustrate common opposites with help from a menagerie of safari animals.

Made in China My First Animal Opposites Puzzles.
Price: $ 14.99
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Infantino Where's My Tail Puzzles
Ten adorable animals have lost their tails, and only your child can put them back together -- while practicing hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, of course. The sweetly illustrated menagerie includes familiar friends like a dog, cat, and mouse, as well as exotic new ones like a crocodile, kangaroo, and zebra. Each two-piece design has a distinctive shape and fits together easily for great puzzle-solving satisfaction.

Made in China Where's My Tail Puzzles.
Price: $ 14.99
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Infantino 3D Word Puzzles
Give your child a built-in reward for learning to spell. After putting the letters together, they can top the puzzle off with a picture of the word. Distinctive colors and graphics make each illustration unique and double as clues that help your child achieve spelling success. The pieces are large and smooth, so they're easy for little hands to manage. In addition to all-important letter-and-sound matching skills, the puzzles help hone problem-solving abilities and hand-eye coordination. The loose pieces fit neatly into the included cardboard storage box.

Made in China 3D Word Puzzles.
Price: $ 14.99
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Infantino Wall-Mounted Mobile & Mirror
Most mobiles mount to a crib, but this portable activity center hangs on the wall, over a changing table, play yard, just about anywhere at all. Great for day trips and vacations, it's lightweight and folds flat for packing. Your baby will be delighted to see their reflection in the large overhead mirror, made from safe and unbreakable plastic, while you rattle and crinkle the dangling paws. A welcome distraction for your baby on her changing table, it will make diapering a playful event, at home or on the road. Wall-Mounted Mobile & Mirror.
Price: $ 22.99
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Infantino Shopping Cart Cover Pink Flowers
This padded, fabric seat cover slips easily over a shopping cart or restaurant highchair to protect your child from sharp edges, dirt, and germs. It also includes toy loops and pockets so you can bring treats along to keep your curious one occupied. Shopping Cart Cover.
Price: $ 34.99
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Infantino Shopping Cart Cover Blue Flowers
This padded, fabric seat cover slips easily over a shopping cart or restaurant highchair to protect your child from sharp edges, dirt, and germs. It also includes toy loops and pockets so you can bring treats along to keep your curious one occupied. Shopping Cart Cover.
Price: $ 34.99
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Infantino 2-in-1 Car Organizer & Travel Tote
Use this truly clever case as a tidy shoulder tote, or open it up and attach it to your car seat for a go-everywhere organizer. It's so well designed that it has a pocket for everything -- diaper essentials, toys, books, snacks, even your cell phone -- and keeps them within easy reach. Heading to a restaurant or getting on a plane? Pop the tote off the car seat, close it up, throw it over your shoulder, and you're good to go. 2-in-1 Car Organizer & Travel Tote.
Price: $ 24.99
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Infantino Infant Travel Bed
Make travel with your baby a little easier on everyone with Infantino's convenient fold-out bed, complete with an adjustable play bar and fuzzy, plush sheep. Convenient features include an easy-to-fold design, easy-to-clean exterior, washable pad cover, detachable pocket for essentials, and a zip-down side for diaper changing access. Infant Travel Bed.
Price: $ 39.95
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Infantino Block Party Zebra
Four soft activity blocks tuck neatly into the back of a sweet-faced zebra on wheels. This versatile set is cute as can be for sorting, stacking, put-in/take-out, and push-along play.

Made in China Block Party Zebra.
Price: $ 24.99
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Infantino My First Color Puzzles
Did you know that if you spin a blue-and-yellow striped wheel your eyes see green? Besides being just plain fun to spin, these twirling wheels teach your child the basic principles of color. Each wheel has a corresponding puzzle piece with a color-matched illustration.

Made in China My First Color Puzzles.
Price: $ 14.99
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