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Harvard Common Press 25 Things Every New Mother Should Know
Offering their trademark blend of medical experience and parenting know-how, child experts William Sears, M.D., and his wife, Martha Sears, R.N., have written a new type of book for mothers. This guide offers mommy care -- advice on the complex, emotional topics every woman confronts as she learns to understand and embrace her new role as a mother. 25 Things Every New Mother Should Know.
Price: $ 12.99
Harvard Common Press Father's First Steps: 25 Things Every New Dad Should Know
Nothing turns a tough guy into a blob of mush better than a little squirming baby. So say pediatricians and acclaimed childcare authors Robert and James Sears. Here, they carry on their own father's legacy of warm, practical, reassuring parenting advice in a small gift book for first-time dads. Twenty-five short chapters tackle one topic each in an eminently readable format. Father's First Steps: 25 Things Every New Dad Should Know.
Price: $ 12.99
Harvard Common Press Hello, My Name Is...A Guide to Naming Your Baby
Ever wonder what it would be like to be the real-life boy named Sue? This entertaining guide is peppered with amusing and interesting anecdotes to enliven your what-to-name-the-baby debates. Hello, My Name Is..A Guide to Naming Your Baby.
Price: $ 14.99
Harvard Common Press Nursing Mother, Working Mother
When author Gale Pryor returned to work, her doctor, childcare provider, employer, and even husband felt she was being unrealistic about her commitment to continue breastfeeding. She succeeded and found that the intimate bond of breastfeeding helped her tie the two halves of her life together. Here she explains clearly and thoroughly everything a working mother needs to know to successfully continue breastfeeding, with helpful advice on breastfeeding and bonding basics, expressing and storing milk, combating fatigue, and more. Updates to the 2nd edition include: changes in workplace law, new research on working moms and infant attachment, and new information on breast pumps and pumping by best-selling author Kathleen Huggins. Nursing Mother, Working Mother.
Price: $ 12.99
Harvard Common Press The Birth Partner
Written especially for dads, doulas, and other labor companions, this definitive guide offers practical information and advice on how to care for the new mother from the last few weeks of pregnancy through the early postpartum period. Now in its third edition, this fully revised book is the essential manual to have on hand for the partner who wants to be truly helpful in the delivery room. Topics include: preparing for labor and how to help every step of the way; epidurals and other medications used during labor; non-drug techniques for easing pain; and breastfeeding and newborn care. The Birth Partner.
Price: $ 16.95
Harvard Common Press The Expectant Parents' Companion: Simplifying What to Do, Buy, or Borrow for an Easy Life with Baby
Kathleen Huggins' no-nonsense, reassuring tone boils parenting down to the basics: However much baby-care methods and equipment change, the basic needs of infants stay the same. Babies want loving attention, a mother's breast, and near constant contact. The best products on the market are those that help meet these needs. The Expectant Parents' Companion: Simplifying What to Do, Buy, or Borrow for an Easy Life with Baby.
Price: $ 11.99
Harvard Common Press The Nursing Mother's Companion 20th Anniversary Edition
Nursing moms consider this the definitive book on breastfeeding and it's recommended by many doctors and professionals, including well-known pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton. In this newly updated and expanded edition, author Kathleen Huggins, a registered nurse, lactation consultant, and member of BabyCenter's medical advisory board, covers everything a new mother could possibly want to know about breastfeeding, including preventing nipple soreness, the effects of diet and drugs, going back to work while nursing, and ensuring an ample milk supply. The Nursing Mother's Companion 20th Anniversary Edition.
Price: $ 14.99
Harvard Common Press The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning (2nd Edition)
This comprehensive resource covers historical and cultural perspectives on weaning, how to wean at any age, how to bottle-feed, and much more. BabyCenter's lactation consultant Kathleen Huggins, R.N., M.S., and Linda Ziedrich consider weaning a process with two key steps: replacing each nursing with something else that's comforting and watching for any physical or emotional reaction in you or your baby. The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning (2nd Edition).
Price: $ 11.99
Harvard Common Press The Preemie Parents' Companion
Author Susan L. Madden, M.S., knows firsthand about the trials and tribulations of caring for the tiniest and most fragile of infants. Inspired to write The Preemie Parents' Companion after the birth of her own premature baby, she draws on her own personal experiences as well as her academic training in public health to bring parents of preemies this essential guide. Filled with reassuring information for parents along every step of a challenging yet rewarding journey, Madden's book covers topic such as: learning your way around the NICU; coping with possible medical complications; how to hold your preemie; special feeding and nutritional needs of preemies; weight, height, and other growth milestones; what to expect through toddlerhood, preschool, and elementary school. The Preemie Parents' Companion.
Price: $ 16.99

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