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Harper Collins The Runaway Bunny
Harper Collins The Runaway Bunny  
When a young bunny threatens to perfume run away and become a rock care ? a fish ? a flower beauty ? his mother joins him in product his imaginary flight and assures him perfume that she'll follow wherever he goes. care It's a sweet story of the beauty unconditional love of a mother for product her child, told in soothing rhythms perfume an ideal book for helping your care baby or toddler go to sleep beauty feeling safe and cared for. The product Runaway Bunny.
  Price: $ 7.99
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Harper Collins Where the Wild Things Are
After being sent to bed without any supper, naughty Max soon leaves his room for the land of the Wild Things, where he rules as king. Although being in charge has its moments, Max comes to realize that there's no place like home. The simple evocative text and fantastical illustrations have been enthralling children for years. Where the Wild Things Are.
Price: $ 16.99
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Harper Collins The Giving Tree
The apple tree gives and gives to her cherished friend, a boy who thoughtlessly takes and takes until one is a stump and the other a tired old man. There are no answers provided in this wonderfully told tale, no easy lessons. And perhaps for that reason, you and your child may never forget The Giving Tree. The Giving Tree.
Price: $ 16.99
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Harper Collins Baby's First Library
Margaret Wise Brown's beloved bedtime classics are now available in a boxed set: The Runaway Bunny, with its simple, beautiful affirmation of a mother's love; Big Red Barn, a winsome tour of a farm; and Goodnight Moon, evoking the warm reassurance of everyday objects. Baby's First Library.
Price: $ 23.99
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Harper Collins The Greatest Baby Name Book Ever
Will she be a Brenna or a Zoe ? He, an Aldrich, an Isaac, or a good-old John ? Sometimes learning the history of a name can put it at the top of your list then pairing it with your surname can knock it right off. This alphabetical resource offers thousands of options for naming your baby: Choosing your favorites from its pages will probably come more naturally than you think. The Greatest Baby Name Book Ever.
Price: $ 6.99
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Harper Collins She's Having a Baby - and I'm Having a Breakdown
All too often men feel like a third wheel during their partner's pregnancy. An experienced father of two, James Douglas Barron offers a lighthearted look at the whole thing from a dad-to-be's perspective. In a straightforward and humorous manner, Barron unravels the mysteries of pregnancy one trimester at a time. He includes funny (and helpful) lists of dos and don'ts, and answers burning questions unique to men. From how to keep your sex life alive to filling out medical forms, this book offers a heartfelt and refreshingly honest look at what men experience during those magical nine months. She's Having a Baby - and I'm Having a Breakdown.
Price: $ 10.99
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Harper Collins She's Had a Baby - and I'm Having a Meltdown
Pregnancy was nothing compared to this! In James Douglas Barron's sequel to She's Having a Baby and I'm Having a Breakdown, you'll learn everything you need to know about marriage, sex, and diapers, all from a man's perspective. Barron draws on his own experience as a father, the experiences of other fathers, and insights from mothers on how to balance the demands of being a dad and husband from your baby's infancy through the toddler years. Topics include juggling work and home life, keeping the zip in your marriage, and vacationing with your toddler. An easy read, this book is broken into bite-size segments perfect for busy parents. She's Had a Baby - and I'm Having a Meltdown.
Price: $ 10.99
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Harper Collins Fancy Nancy
From the top of her bejeweled tiara to the tips of her sparkly shoes, no one knows fancy better than Nancy. This delightful story chronicles the tale of one little girl's quest to transform her plain old family into connoisseurs of all things posh (that's a fancy word for fancy). When an enchanted evening out to dinner at The King's Crown goes awry with a messy mishap, Nancy discovers that there is nothing fancier (or better) than hearing her mom and dad say those three reassuring words at bedtime, I love you. Fancy Nancy.
Price: $ 16.99
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Harper Collins In the Night Kitchen
From the beloved author and illustrator of Where the Wild Things Are comes this engaging tale of Mickey's nighttime adventure in the baker's kitchen. Mickey hears a racket in the night and shouts, Quiet down there. Then he falls through the dark, out of his clothes, past the moon and his mama and papa sleeping tight, into the light of the night kitchen. What happens next is for Mickey to tell! For decades, Maurice Sendak's imaginative stories and deliciously playful illustrations have delighted children of all ages. Touted as the Picasso of children's books, Sendak has been a vital voice for expressing not only children's fears and frustrations, but also their power to overcome all. In the Night Kitchen.
Price: $ 6.99
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Harper Collins My Big Boy Potty
Michael and his stuffed bear are learning to use their new potty together. Engaging text (Michael is a boy just your age) and cheery watercolors walk your child through the practice-makes-perfect process of transitioning from diapers to big-kid pants. My Big Boy Potty.
Price: $ 6.99
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Harper Collins Fisher-Price: Ears, Nose & Toes!
Designed to attach to a stroller or a car seat, this mini board book is filled with on-the-go fun. Perfectly sized for little hands, the sturdy pages are easy to turn. Teaching first words and self-discovery, each page highlights a different feature, from eyes to ears to nose, by using colorful characters and smiling babies. Fisher-Price: Ears, Nose & Toes!.
Price: $ 4.99
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Harper Collins Fisher-Price: Who Lives in the Rainforest?
Do you see what I see? Enter a lush rainforest and guess who is hiding behind the trees, bushes, and flowers. Designed for peek-a-boo play, this sturdy board book introduces your little one to first words with colorful characters and fun flaps on every page. Fisher-Price: Who Lives in the Rainforest?.
Price: $ 6.99
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Harper Collins The Carrot Seed
A little boy planted a carrot seed, and with it, a seed of faith. Despite the doubts of all those around him (I'm afraid it won't come up, they told him), this determined little gardener tended his cherished seed?and waited?to reap the rewards that come from believing all things are possible. The Carrot Seed.
Price: $ 6.99
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Harper Collins Baby Signs for Mealtime
Babies have a lot to say before they can actually speak. The photos in this book show real babies using simple gestures to communicate ten common mealtime words. Show your baby the sign, point to the picture, and say the word. You'll be surprised how quickly those tiny little hands begin to mimic yours. Baby Signs for Mealtime.
Price: $ 6.99
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