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Haba Baby Vegetable Set
Do play with your vegetables! Three soft velour activity toys reward your baby's curious grasp with rattling and crinkling sounds. Veggies have never been sweeter.

Made in China Baby Vegetable Set.
Price: $ 14.99
Haba Ball Track Roll 'N Roll 'N Roll
Just like the classic marble chutes that inspired it, Ball Track is a hands-down favorite for every age and stage. Your young tot will never tire of sending one of four wooden balls down the track. On the way down, the first goblin's springy hand will stop the ball for a split second before sending it along to ring the second goblin's bells and then clattering over the chatter track for the rest of the trip. It's non-stop rolling action until the end of the road! Multiple coats of natural, water-based, nontoxic lacquer ensure that this sturdy toy will stand up to years and years of enthusiastic play.

Made in Germany Ball Track Roll 'N Roll 'N Roll.
Price: $ 99.99
Haba Bead Abacus
Haba truly believes that children learn through play, and this solidly built wooden abacus reinforces that philosophy by offering plenty of fun, educational lessons. Fifteen oversized colorful beads will teach your child to differentiate colors, sort, thread, and eventually add and subtract -- five red beads plus two green beads equals how many? Without even realizing it, your child will be developing hand-eye coordination and small motor skills, too.

Made in Germany Bead Abacus.
Price: $ 37.99
Haba Cathedral Building Blocks
A fresh perspective on a favored classic, these brightly colored wooden blocks come in intriguing shapes that entice little hands to build, build, build! Different colors, shapes, and sizes allow your child to stack the blocks on top of each other, next to each other, or one behind the other. Start out with one small house, then expand to an entire village. Or, create a dramatic cathedral or high-rise tower -- the combinations are infinite. Made of solid beachwood, each of the 18 pieces is finished with water-based, nontoxic paints that will stand up to years of building -- and knocking back down.

Made in Germany Cathedral Building Blocks.
Price: $ 44.99
Haba Click-Clack Ball Track
Tipped wooden ramps, drop-through holes, and a dangling bell that rings en route guarantee three rollicking wooden balls the ride of their lives. This well-crafted beechwood ball track is inspired by the classic marble chutes that have amused children and adults for years. Fun bonuses include a kaleidoscope and mirror, and one of the balls even has a peephole. Multiple coats of natural, water-based, nontoxic lacquer ensure this sturdy toy will stand up to years of enthusiastic play.

Made in Germany Click-Clack Ball Track.
Price: $ 149.99
Haba Clutching Toy Bonita
A bouquet of four wooden flowers threaded on a sturdy elastic band invites your baby's touch. Carefully crafted of solid beechwood, each blossom contains a surprise -- foil mirror, rattling bell, rolling red bed, bold graphic -- and can be twisted and manipulated for plenty of play value. Bright, water-based paints with a safe, nontoxic finish.

Made in Germany Clutching Toy Bonita.
Price: $ 15.99
Haba Color Tower Stacking Game
Seven solid beechwood pieces in a satisfying array of colors stack into a vertical rainbow. In the ongoing quest to sort and organize, your child will soon discover the ability to pile squares on squares, circles on circles.

Made in Germany Color Tower Stacking Game.
Price: $ 27.99
Haba Colorful Stacking Dice
Four soft fabric cubes stack into a tower of numbers and simple graphics: a sun, chick, snail, and butterfly. One side of each has a see-through colored window, a bonus for put-in/take-out play. For cleanup, they nest into a tidy foursome.

Made in China Colorful Stacking Dice.
Price: $ 27.99
Haba Discovery Wagon
Here's just the push your toddler needs to begin exploring the world on two feet. This birchwood cart offers gentle resistance when pushed, making it ideal for early walking practice. Your child can push along a favorite doll or stuffed animal, and the cart is filled with activities for seated play: peek-through kaleidoscopes, spinning bead bars, even an adorable fabric mouse with his very own peephole.

Made in Germany Discovery Wagon.
Price: $ 249.99
Haba Doll Pram
A modern update on a beloved classic, this doll pram is the ideal height for young walkers (ages 1 ). Made from solid birch, exceptional craftsmanship is apparent in every detail from the adjustable handles down to the rubber-coated wheels (that won't scratch your floors). The perfectly pretty bedding ensemble includes a mattress, pillow, and fluffy blanket to keep favorite dolls and stuffed toys nice and comfy. Wide and stable with just the right amount of resistance, this carriage is also great for beginning walkers.

Made in Germany Doll Pram.
Price: $ 189.99
Haba Moby the Fish
This sweet, smiling fish is the catch of the day! Crafted in Germany of smooth, solid wood, Moby invites tackle exploration with his wiggly body that twists in every direction, then gently snaps back into place. He'll reward your baby with a soft rattling sound and can even stand on his tail. Multiple coats of natural, nontoxic lacquer ensure this little fishy remains vibrant and colorful for years and years of seafaring adventures.

Made in Germany Moby the Fish.
Price: $ 14.99
Haba Ping Pong Clutching Toy
One of our absolute favorites, two sweet, smiling bears roll a trio of brightly colored balls back and forth. The movement is a continual source of amusement and fascination for your baby, as is the mirror and kaleidoscope on the front. Meticulously crafted of solid wood and finished with multiple coats of nontoxic lacquer with a sprinkling of yellow stars.

Made in Germany Ping Pong Clutching Toy.
Price: $ 14.99
Haba Piro the Clown
Piro the Clown is the perfect toy to encourage grasping. Made of smooth, solid wood, this colorful character can be twisted in every direction and rewards your baby with a gentle rattling sound. Built to withstand years of play, this high-quality toy is finished in multiple coats of natural, water-based, nontoxic lacquers so Piro's bright colors will stay vibrant for future generations.

Made in Germany Piro the Clown.
Price: $ 15.99
Haba Pushing Car
This fabulously designed push car is a child's dream come true. It's made in Germany from sturdy beech plywood; the padded front seat can hold a passenger -- real or pretend -- with added space in back for stashing precious cargo. All your child needs to do is grab hold of the frame, pull up, and get a firm grip on the two-position handlebar. Beautifully crafted, it's sturdy enough for an active toddler.

Made in Germany Pushing Car.
Price: $ 189.99
Haba Pyramis Tower
The toymakers at Haba believe that babies learn to comprehend the world through play. Pyramis is a Montessori-inspired stacking puzzle that will challenge your young child's dexterity. The set includes brightly colored wooden blocks with pegs that fit together, teaching the all-important skill of ordering items by size.

Made in Germany Pyramis Tower.
Price: $ 34.99
Haba Ramba Zamba
Perfectly sized for beginners, your baby will never tire of this brightly colored clutch toy. Seven wooden disks arranged on a metal rod gently click and clack as your baby moves, shakes, and shimmies. Finished with multiple coats of natural, water-based, nontoxic lacquer, Ramba Zamba will stand up to plenty of jam sessions.

Made in Germany Ramba Zamba.
Price: $ 15.99
Haba Shape Stacker
The building blocks of a future wiz kid, this classic stacker helps your child develop shape and color recognition. Set includes 16 shapes -- circles, squares, triangles, and hexagons -- all with holes in the center to fit neatly on one of four wooden pegs. Each piece is finished with water-based, nontoxic paints that will stand up to years and years of enthusiastic play.

Made in Germany Shape Stacker.
Price: $ 16.99
Haba Sleepy Princess and the Pea Game
A classic fairy tale brought to life, this enchanting game will delight young princesses and princes alike. Is the princess really a princess? There's only one way to find out. Players pile up cushions, blankets, and mattresses for the ultimate test. You guessed it -- at the bottom of it all lies a pea. Two exciting game variations and a copy of The Princess and the Pea guarantee that no one will be going to bed early! For 2-4 players, ages 3 and up.

Made in Germany Sleepy Princess and the Pea Game.
Price: $ 27.99
Haba Stacking Ball Colori
Five foam shapes covered with soft terry velvet stack together to form a lightweight ball. Fabric tabs and various colors and patterns stimulate your baby's tactile and visual senses.

Made in China Stacking Ball Colori.
Price: $ 22.99
Haba Trio
Crafted in Germany from smooth beechwood, this triangular clutch toy has old-fashioned appeal. Wooden pieces are threaded onto a sturdy elastic band that's extremely fun to manipulate. A mirror, bell, and squeaker are at the center of each round component.

Made in Germany Trio.
Price: $ 15.99

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