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Germ Guardian Nursery Sanitizer
Help stop the spread of germs on toys, pacifiers, bottles, and any other items your baby touches with the Germ Guardian Nursery Sanitizer. Simply place objects into the sanitizing chamber, secure the lid, and press the on button. The dry heat reaches sanitizing temperatures that will kill 99.9percent of germs within 30 minutes. Nursery Sanitizer.
Price: $ 59.99
Germ Guardian Plug-In UV-C Air Sanitizer
Designed to kill germs and odors in the home, this quiet, plug-in sanitizer uses hospital-proven UV-C light technology to kill 99percent of germs in the air, including those that cause colds and flu, strep throat, staph infections, and more. Plug it in next to the diaper pail, in the kitchen, or in the bathroom to destroy mold spores, allergens, and unwanted odors from pets, diapers, cooking, and smoke. Plug-In UV-C Air Sanitizer.
Price: $ 59.99

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