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Gerber Children's Products Bunch-a-Bowls & Lids
These multipurpose bowls are made from shatter-proof plastic that's microwave and dishwasher safe. They're perfectly sized to hold everything from those first spoonfuls of rice cereal to Cheerios or small meals for your toddler. See-through lids with tabs for easy opening make it a snap to identify what's inside. Bunch-a-Bowls & Lids.
Price: $ 6.99
Gerber Children's Products Drawer Latches (4-Pack)
Keep doors and cabinets shut with these plastic safety latches. Easy to install and use, the one-piece latch hooks onto the inside of your cabinet or drawer as it's pulled open. To release the latch, simply push down on the spring-loaded button. Because they're hidden on the inside, the locks won't change the look of your cabinetry. Drawer Latches (4-Pack).
Price: $ 4.99
Gerber Children's Products Fun Grips Color Change Spill-Proof Cup (2-Pack)
This cool cup will delight your child by changing color when you add cold liquid, then changing back as it warms with the touch of your child's hand. The spill-proof valve lets liquid flow when your child sucks, then prevents spills and leaks between sips. The sides are textured, making the cup easy for little hands to grasp. Fun Grips Color Change Spill-Proof Cup (2-Pack).
Price: $ 8.5
Gerber Children's Products Fun Grips Two-Handle Spill-Proof Cup
Help ease your child's transition from bottle to cup with this spill-proof cup. Soft molded handles feature lots of waves and bumps, making them easier for little hands to grasp. A spill-proof valve allows liquid to flow when your baby sucks, then prevents leaks between sips. Fun Grips Two-Handle Spill-Proof Cup.
Price: $ 6.99
Gerber Children's Products NaturalFlex Pacifier - (2-Pack)
The NaturalFlex Pacifier by Gerber is the only pacifier on the market that flexes like a woman's nipple during breastfeeding. The flexible shield is soft against your baby's face and is vented for better air circulation to help prevent skin irritation. Ideal for breastfed babies or for use when weaning. NaturalFlex Pacifier - (2-Pack).
Price: $ 4.99
Gerber Children's Products Scoopin' Spoon
Keep food on the spoon all the way from plate to mouth with this special spoon by Gerber. Perfect for liquid foods like soups and cereals, this spoon has an extra-deep bowl with a slight rim to keep food in. Scoopin' Spoon.
Price: $ 3.99
Gerber Children's Products Soft Bite Infant Spoon (6-Pack)
This soft silicone-tipped spoon makes feeding time safer and simpler. The small bowl is just the right size for first-time eaters and features a stain-resistant silicone coating that is gentle on the teeth and gums. The long stainless steel handle makes it easy to reach into small jars of baby food. Soft Bite Infant Spoon (6-Pack).
Price: $ 8.99
Gerber Children's Products Soft Bite Toddler Spoon (4-Pack)
Toddlers love to use grown-up utensils, and this spoon look just like the real thing. It's equipped with a stainless-steel handle (just like Mom's and Dad's) but the tip is cushioned with a soft, stain-resistant coating that's gentle on gums. The wide handle is sized just right for toddlers. Soft Bite Toddler Spoon (4-Pack).
Price: $ 6.99

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