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Gaiam Yoga Kids ABCs
Gaiam Yoga Kids ABCs  
This fun and energetic video teaches perfume yoga fundamentals adapted especially for 3 care to 6 year olds. Yoga Kids beauty ABCs.
  Price: $ 14.99
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Gaiam Baby Ready Yoga Kit
This comprehensive kit will help prepare your body for labor and delivery, and then get your body back in shape after your baby is born. Both programs (prenatal and postnatal) are contained on one DVD. Led by master yoga expert and real-life mom Shiva Rea, the prenatal program is designed to increase your energy and stamina; the postnatal program focuses on reconnecting with your strength and energy. Kit includes a 120-minute DVD, a 5mm premium yoga mat, a yoga block, and one yoga strap. Baby Ready Yoga Kit.
Price: $ 49.99
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Gaiam Simple Steps To A Balanced, Natural Pregnancy DVD
Nationally recognized wellness expert Dr. Andrea Pennington invites you to follow her own pregnancy as she explores natural alternatives for pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Through this DVD, you'll learn how to: eat for maximum energy, exercise to keep away aches and pains, and forge a deep connection with yourself and your baby. Special features include: vitamins and supplements, eco-friendly baby, recap of Andrea's birth, and Andrea Pennington's biography. Dr. Pennington has shared her expertise and inspiration on Oprah, CNN, and Fox News Channel; in publications including Health, Real Simple, and Essence; and on her radio shows on Clear Channel and Sirius Satellite. Simple Steps To A Balanced, Natural Pregnancy DVD.
Price: $ 14.99
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Gaiam Total Body BalanceBall Kit
Put some pizzazz back in your workout using the fun and versatile BalanceBall. Based on the principles of yoga and Pilates, this beginner's workout introduces you to basic stretching and resistance movements that can improve your coordination, balance, and flexibility. Working the upper body, lower body, and abdominal muscles, you'll strengthen, tone, and condition smaller core muscles while focusing on breathing and proper alignment. The kit includes an inflatable BalanceBall, a pump, and a 60-minute workout video featuring renowned yoga and certified Pilates instructor Suzanne Deason. Kit available with medium or large ball. See Features tab for height guidelines. Total Body BalanceBall Kit.
Price: $ 29.99
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Gaiam Yoga Kids ABCs
This fun and energetic video teaches yoga fundamentals adapted especially for 3 to 6 year olds. Yoga Kids ABCs.
Price: $ 14.99
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Gaiam Yoga Beginner's Kit
Enjoy the full benefits of practicing yoga whatever your level of fitness and flexibility. This kit includes all the necessary tools to get the most from your yoga workout: one non-slip pad, a cotton strap with buckle, two lightweight foam bricks, and a 30-minute video featuring segments on working out with yoga and how to use the props. Yoga Beginner's Kit.
Price: $ 39.99
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Gaiam Yoga Journal's Prenatal Yoga DVD
Whether you've just learned you're pregnant or are in your ninth month, you'll enjoy the safe and relaxing yoga techniques taught by this easy-to-follow 60-minute video. Three women demonstrate a variety of stretches and exercises adapted for the three trimesters of pregnancy. Long-time yoga instructor and video guide Shiva Rea shows moves for the first trimester, and actual pregnant women demonstrate the same exercises adjusted for the second and third trimesters. The women are wearing different colors to help you keep track of each stage. The video is divided into three parts: 30 minutes of relaxing stretching exercises using chairs and blocks, 16 minutes of strengthening floor work, and a soothing four-minute guided cool-down that may just lull you into a peaceful cat nap. Lovely background music and simple images help make this video a great teaching aide; and it's suited for all levels, even yoga beginners. Yoga Journal's Prenatal Yoga DVD.
Price: $ 19.99
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Gaiam Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss
Pilates is a dynamic form of exercise that targets deep abdominal muscles to help develop core stability while toning, strengthening, and balancing your mind, body, and spirit. Led by yoga and certified Pilates instructor Suzanne Deason, this video offers a complete 60-minute conditioning workout plus two 45-minute workout variations that allow you to progress at your own pace. Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss.
Price: $ 17.99
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Gaiam Yoga Journal's Postnatal Yoga DVD
Postnatal Yoga provides clear instruction, and motivating commentary to help you get your mind, body, and spirit back into shape after childbirth. Yoga Journal's Postnatal Yoga DVD.
Price: $ 19.99
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