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Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Six-Piece Crib Set
Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Six Piece Crib Set  
The zoo may be wild, but perfume your baby's nursery will be a care sweet and comfortable haven with this beauty bedding ensemble. Six animal youngsters -- product monkey, cheetah, panda, elephant, crocodile, and perfume bear -- decorate the quilt in care appliques of soft Velboa, corduroy, and beauty felt, all embellished with satin stitching product and embroidered smiles. The alternating squares perfume coordinate in plaids, checks, and plush care wide-wale corduroy in earthy blues, browns, beauty and greens. Day at the Zoo product Six-Piece Crib Set.
  Price: $ 205.99
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Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Window Valance
Four zoo favorites will enhance the nursery with a decorator finish. Plush and colorful, monkeys, elephants, pandas, and cheetahs are appliqued in assorted fabrics and traced with embroidered smiles and satin stitching. The plaid pole-pocket design helps keep light from sneaking in at the top, too. Day at the Zoo Window Valance.
Price: $ 31.99
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Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Crib Sheet
Soft and smooth, this gingham fitted sheet in a fresh leaf-green hue is a great basic that coordinates with our Day at the Zoo bedding collection, as well as other bedding ensembles. The sheet fits perfectly on any standard crib mattress thanks to elasticized corners with an 8 depth. Day at the Zoo Crib Sheet.
Price: $ 19.99
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Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Wall Hangings
Your baby's very first art gallery! Add undeniable personality to the nursery with this set of fabric wall hangings. A monkey, crocodile, elephant, and cheetah are appliqued in delightful combinations of Velboa and felt, with embroidered grins and satin-stitched accents. Pick-stitched edges and plaid borders give them a homey feel. Fabric ribbon ties attach easily to hooks or thumbtacks for hanging. Day at the Zoo Wall Hangings.
Price: $ 29.99
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Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Wallpaper Border
This border's smiling baby monkeys, pandas, crocodiles, and cheetahs add a fun decorative element to the nursery. Printed in warm earthy tones, the border complements many wall colors and themes. Prepasting makes it easy to apply. Day at the Zoo Wallpaper Border.
Price: $ 23.99
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Crown Crafts NoJo Jungle Babies Six-Piece Crib Set
It's a jungle out there, and these five baby animals want to share the fun with your baby. Appliqued in rich, soft textures and decorated with embroidery, they form wonderfully wild scenes on this bedding collection, a complete starter set for a boy's or girl's nursery. The elephant, frog, giraffe, monkey, and tiger frolic among palm leaves and coconuts on the quilt, bumper, and valance, while the giraffe plays the starring role on the diaper stacker, crib sheet, and dust ruffle. Jungle Babies Six-Piece Crib Set.
Price: $ 205.99
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Crown Crafts NoJo Jungle Babies Window Valance
Baby animals love to play, and these five are no exception. The elephant, frog, giraffe, and tiger frolic happily among coconut-dotted palm trees while the monkey swings happily overhead. All are appliqued in wonderfully soft fabrics on a pale-green panel and embellished with embroidery. Practical as well as whimsical, the panel softens the window and adds a touch of shade. The tab top fits any standard window pole. Jungle Babies Window Valance.
Price: $ 31.99
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Crown Crafts NoJo Jungle Babies Crib Sheet
Jungle-inspired icons give this cotton crib sheet its sweetly wild look. The leaves, palm trees, giraffes, and other illustrated characters are printed on yellow percale. The print coordinates with the Jungle Babies bedding collection. Elastic corners and an 8 depth ensure a snug fit on any crib mattress. Jungle Babies Crib Sheet.
Price: $ 19.99
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Crown Crafts NoJo Jungle Babies Musical Mobile
Flying high up in a canopy, four jungle-inspired characters lead your baby off to dreamland. Simply wind the handle, and the mobile turns and plays Brahms' Lullaby while the quartet dances along with soothing motion. The charming plush palm tree canopy hangs from a sturdy arched arm covered in ecru fabric. Jungle Babies Musical Mobile.
Price: $ 44.99
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Crown Crafts NoJo Jungle Babies Wall Hangings
Inspire your little wild thing with plush pictures of a tiger, a giraffe, a monkey, and an elephant with a frog on its head. The whimsical quintet takes shape in layers of textured fabrics decorated with satin stitching and friendly embroidered expressions. Each one is framed in green corduroy and finished with ribbon ties for easy hanging from thumbtacks or hooks. Jungle Babies Wall Hangings.
Price: $ 29.99
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Crown Crafts NoJo Jungle Babies Wallpaper Border
This vibrant wallpaper border brings five playful baby animals into your baby's room -- along with their frolicsome spirit and happy-go-lucky personalities. The sweet group is printed on a pale-green background dotted with tropical palm leaves, and they're looking for a little bit of mischief around every corner. The prepasted vinyl is simple to apply and easy to clean. Jungle Babies Wallpaper Border.
Price: $ 23.99
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