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Crown Crafts NoJo Ahoy Mate Hamper
Going coconuts over the laundry? Stow it in the Ahoy Mate Hamper and hide it until wash day. An appliqued monkey and coconut-laden palm tree decorate the flap and make a colorful complement to the striped cotton base. Inside, a mesh liner removes easily for toting laundry to the washing machine. The solid wood frame folds for storage. Ahoy Mate Hamper.
Price: $ 39.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Ahoy Mate Lamp & Shade
With its mischievous monkey shade and sculpted sailboat base, the Ahoy Mate Lamp & Shade sets a bright mood in the nursery. Bold blue hues give the resin base and paper shade their seaworthy style -- a look that little boys will appreciate through the school years. Ahoy Mate Lamp & Shade.
Price: $ 57.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Ahoy Mate Musical Mobile
Your baby boy is sure to hear the song of the sea when the Ahoy Mate Musical Mobile hangs over the crib. The plush quintet includes two ships, a pair of whales, and a grinning monkey, who drift along to the music of Brahms' Lullaby (no sea chanteys for this mellow group). The strong, fabric-covered plastic arm attaches easily to any standard crib. Ahoy Mate Musical Mobile.
Price: $ 45.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Ahoy Mate Six-Piece Crib Set
Beautifully tailored details make the Ahoy Mate Six-Piece Crib Set a charming addition to a boy's nursery -- and might even inspire some tall tales of the sea. The bumper shows a continuous scene of the ocean with ships and whales; the motifs repeat in the quilt's seven unique panels. The entire collection mixes rich velboa and fleece, faux suede, checks and stripes, and a multistripe print on smooth pure cotton percale. The cotton crib sheet is printed with more whales and ships, plus mischievous monkeys perched in palm trees. Ahoy Mate Six-Piece Crib Set.
Price: $ 225.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Ahoy Mate Wallpaper Border
Decorated with rolling sea blue waves and a baby blue sky, the Ahoy Mate Wallpaper Border brings a sunny look to a boy's nursery. Sailing ships enjoy the scene as they make their way to the islands in the distance. The durable vinyl is prepasted for simple application. Ahoy Mate Wallpaper Border.
Price: $ 24.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Ahoy Mate Window Valance
Fly the colors of the fleet with the Ahoy Mate Window Valance. Inspired by ships' banners, it features triangular flags of striped percale, check percale, and solid velboa plush, textured velboa trim, and a ruffled pole-pocket top in plush blue fleece. It's a sweet way to soften the window and give the nursery an eye-catching finish. Ahoy Mate Window Valance.
Price: $ 24.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Como Four-Piece Crib Set
With its updated color palette and spirited polka-dot and stripes combination, this bedding ensemble puts a contemporary spin on nursery decor. The removable duvet cover -- in unexpected shades of pink, blue, green, and yellow -- features dots on the front and stripes on the back. The bumper matches the front of the duvet, and is piped in stripes; ties are the same hue as the pinkish-peach fitted sheet. A striped dust ruffle completes the set. Como Four-Piece Crib Set.
Price: $ 188.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Como Lamp Shade
The classic drum shade is updated with a contemporary combination of multicolored polka-dots and stripes. Fresh hues of pink, blue, green, and yellow are set against a white background. Pair with the lamp base of your choice to complete the look. Como Lamp Shade.
Price: $ 33.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Crib Sheet
Soft and smooth, this gingham fitted sheet in a fresh leaf-green hue is a great basic that coordinates with our Day at the Zoo bedding collection, as well as other bedding ensembles. The sheet fits perfectly on any standard crib mattress thanks to elasticized corners with an 8 depth. Day at the Zoo Crib Sheet.
Price: $ 19.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Hamper
Laundry day is anything but monkey business when this hamper is at hand. A grinning appliqued monkey decorates the flap, which conceals clothing and linens beside the changing table or in the closet. A green gingham border and embroidery add sweet touches of color. The mesh liner lifts out for easy toting to the washing machine. The natural wood frame folds flat for storage. Day at the Zoo Hamper.
Price: $ 33.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Musical Mobile
Four plush characters lead a zoo parade that makes dozing off to dreamland simply delightful. While the windup mobile turns and plays Brahms' Lullaby, the stuffed velour monkey, crocodile, panda, and elephant follow along with captivating motion that will help your baby relax and drift off to sleep. The sturdy arched arm is covered in ecru fabric that coordinates with the ruffled canopy. Day at the Zoo Musical Mobile.
Price: $ 44.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Six-Piece Crib Set
The zoo may be wild, but your baby's nursery will be a sweet and comfortable haven with this bedding ensemble. Six animal youngsters -- monkey, cheetah, panda, elephant, crocodile, and bear -- decorate the quilt in appliques of soft Velboa, corduroy, and felt, all embellished with satin stitching and embroidered smiles. The alternating squares coordinate in plaids, checks, and plush wide-wale corduroy in earthy blues, browns, and greens. Day at the Zoo Six-Piece Crib Set.
Price: $ 205.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Wall Hangings
Your baby's very first art gallery! Add undeniable personality to the nursery with this set of fabric wall hangings. A monkey, crocodile, elephant, and cheetah are appliqued in delightful combinations of Velboa and felt, with embroidered grins and satin-stitched accents. Pick-stitched edges and plaid borders give them a homey feel. Fabric ribbon ties attach easily to hooks or thumbtacks for hanging. Day at the Zoo Wall Hangings.
Price: $ 29.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Wallpaper Border
This border's smiling baby monkeys, pandas, crocodiles, and cheetahs add a fun decorative element to the nursery. Printed in warm earthy tones, the border complements many wall colors and themes. Prepasting makes it easy to apply. Day at the Zoo Wallpaper Border.
Price: $ 23.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Day at the Zoo Window Valance
Four zoo favorites will enhance the nursery with a decorator finish. Plush and colorful, monkeys, elephants, pandas, and cheetahs are appliqued in assorted fabrics and traced with embroidered smiles and satin stitching. The plaid pole-pocket design helps keep light from sneaking in at the top, too. Day at the Zoo Window Valance.
Price: $ 31.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Dreamy Nights Crib Sheet
This blue-and-white plaid crib sheet is a cheerful addition to the nursery. Boys and girls alike will rest comfortably on the soft fabric, which is designed to go with our Dreamy Nights bedding yet coordinates with many quilt and bumper designs. Elastic edges ensure a snug fit around any standard crib mattress. Dreamy Nights Crib Sheet.
Price: $ 19.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Dreamy Nights Hamper
A smiling moon keeps an eye on your baby's laundry -- and hides it neatly until wash time. The moon is accompanied by a fluffy white cloud and two stars, all appliqued in delightfully textured fabrics on the blue corduroy flap. The white hamper is decorated in tailored woven stripes and holds a cotton mesh liner that lifts out for toting laundry to the washroom. The hamper slips easily onto the included wooden stand, which folds for compact storage. Dreamy Nights Hamper.
Price: $ 33.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Dreamy Nights Lamp Shade
Give your baby the moon (and the stars) with this lamp shade. Two hues of blue set off the smiling crescent moon and two stars, which link to a fluffy cloud with decorative ribbon motifs. The appliqued designs add texture and personality while softening the light for bedtime reading and middle-of-the-night feedings. The shade clips to any standard lamp base, and its versatile colors complement natural, metal, and painted styles alike. Dreamy Nights Lamp Shade.
Price: $ 21.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Dreamy Nights Musical Mobile
Someday your baby may fly to the moon and play among the stars; for now, hang this mobile over the crib for inspiration. Accompanied by a fluffy white cloud, a velvety-plush crescent moon and stars dangle from this mobile's patchwork canopy, floating along as the mobile turns and plays Brahms' Lullaby. The music and movement are soothing distractions that help your baby relax and fall asleep. The canopy is a tailored mix of corduroy and checks, edged with a ruffle that matches the arm's fabric cover. Dreamy Nights Musical Mobile.
Price: $ 48.99
Crown Crafts NoJo Dreamy Nights Six-Piece Crib Set
Let your baby sleep among the stars with the Dreamy Nights collection. Each piece in the set is appliqued with a Velboa moon, fluffy white clouds, and a patchwork of corduroy, woven stripes, plaids, and checks. Of course, there are plenty of stars to wish upon, appliqued in a mix of Velboa, corduroy, and shimmer fabrics. Each applique is edged in satin stitching, and a sweet embroidered sentiment frames the quilt: Little star oh how sweet you are. You shine so bright to help me sleep through the night! Little moon in the sky oh how you brighten my dreamy night! Dreamy Nights Six-Piece Crib Set.
Price: $ 203.99

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