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CoCaLo Alphabet Soup Wall Shelf Alphabet Soup
CoCaLo Alphabet Soup Wall Shelf Alphabet Soup  
You're never too young to get perfume organized, and this wall shelf makes care straightening up as easy as A-B-C beauty -- or 1-2-3, if your child product turns out to be a math perfume wiz! Solid wood makes the shelf care a strong, stable place to display beauty small toys and photographs, and the product three numbered pegs will hold sweaters perfume or coats. Hand-painted colors and dimensional care decorations. Alphabet Soup Wall Shelf.
  Price: $ 43.99
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CoCaLo Creme Brulee Hamper
Tailored from beige, ivory, and taupe fabrics, the Creme Brulee Hamper is neutral territory for laundry. The versatile palette and crisp stripe patterns suit it perfectly to a boy or girl's nursery. The mesh liner lifts out for easy carrying, and the frame folds for compact storage. Creme Brulee Hamper.
Price: $ 46.99
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CoCaLo Creme Brulee Window Valance
Give the nursery a sophisticated finish with the Creme Brulee Window Valance. It's tailored from classic fabrics with pinstripes, wide stripes, diamond quilting, and taupe piping in a warm, neutral palette -- a look that suits boys and girls with equal ease. Creme Brulee Window Valance.
Price: $ 29.99
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CoCaLo Creme Brulee Lamp Base & Shade
Boys and girls alike will be charmed by the Creme Brulee Lamp Base and Shade, with its friendly stitched Teddy bears, flying ladybugs, and a star that dangles on the pull chain. From the pinstriped fabric shade to the painted base, it's decorated in a neutral palette that will pair well with most nursery themes. Creme Brulee Lamp Base & Shade.
Price: $ 53.99
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CoCaLo Creme Brulee Wall Art
Happy teddy bears make a sweet finishing touch for a boy or girl's room. Printed on stretched canvas, they're detailed with pick-stitching and accompanied by a moon, stars, and friendly ladybugs. Thanks to a neutral palette, they'll be welcome accents to any nursery theme. Each comes with an ivory hanging ribbon and hardware. Creme Brulee Wall Art.
Price: $ 31.99
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CoCaLo Sports Fan Six Piece Crib Set
Score big points with your little boy with the Sports Fan Six-Piece Crib Set. Sure to inspire a sporting attitude, it's appliqued with motifs from football, soccer, basketball, and baseball, and pennants that celebrate his home team. A patchwork of corduroy, faux suede, and percales make the pieces soft and cozy; the palette of blue and green, burgundy and rust infuse the collection with warmth. Sports Fan Six Piece Crib Set.
Price: $ 219.99
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CoCaLo Sports Fan Musical Mobile
Dreams of winning the big game start with the Sports Fan Musical Mobile. Plush footballs and basketballs dangle from the fabric canopy, which turns slowly while the windup music box plays Rock-a-Bye Baby. Corduroy, checks, and velboa in blue and brown give the mobile a sweet look and tailored detail. Sports Fan Musical Mobile.
Price: $ 51.99
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CoCaLo Sports Fan Hamper
When he's the team captain, he'll do his own laundry. Until then, count on the Sports Fan Hamper to keep it organized. The hamper is tailored from soft blue and check fabrics and appliqued with a football, baseball, and bat; inside is a handy lift-out mesh liner. The wooden frame folds flat for easy storage. Sports Fan Hamper.
Price: $ 46.99
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CoCaLo Sports Fan Window Valance
Tailored from a mix of plaids, solids, and corduroy, the Sports Fan Window Valance is designed to complement Sports Fan bedding -- but its classic patterns and colors make a handsome match for any decor. The fabric softens the look of the window while adding a rich, colorful finishing touch to the nursery. Sports Fan Window Valance.
Price: $ 21.99
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CoCaLo Sports Fan Lamp Base & Shade
Light up your little boy's big-league dreams with the Sports Fan Lamp Base and Shade. The painted resin base is loaded up with equipment for football, baseball, and soccer, and a little basketball serves as the handle on the pull chain. A fabric shade bears the pennant of (what else?) his home team. Sports Fan Lamp Base & Shade.
Price: $ 56.99
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CoCaLo Alphabet Soup Nightlight & Switch Plate Alphabet Soup
Light the way for a future wiz kid with this pair of kid-room accessories. With its warm yellow panel, the nightlight casts a soft glow that helps little ones feel safe in the dark. The switch plate frames the light switch in a patchwork of bright colors and fun icons, from letters and numbers to sweet animal companions. Alphabet Soup Nightlight & Switch Plate.
Price: $ 28.99
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CoCaLo Alphabet Soup Growth Chart Alphabet Soup
The friendly Alphabet Soup bird, elephant, and giraffe offer milestones to aim for; early on, for example, your child will enjoy the satisfaction of being taller than a giraffe. The chart measures growth from 2' to 5' tall in easy-to-read 1 increments, and adds decorative characters and soft colors to the room. Alphabet Soup Growth Chart.
Price: $ 31.99
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CoCaLo Sugar Plum Six-Piece Crib Set Sugar Plum
Let this bedding transform your baby's room into a sweet butterfly garden that's always in full bloom. The plum-hued patchwork mixes plaids and stripes, checks and florals, while embroidery and layered velvet ribbons add touches of texture. Flowers, leaves, and butterflies, the larger ones gussied up with lavender tulle bows, take shape in layers of applique and yet more embroidery. Sugar Plum Six-Piece Crib Set.
Price: $ 235.99
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CoCaLo Sugar Plum Musical Mobile Sugar Plum
As this mobile slowly turns and plays Rock-a-bye Baby, its four butterflies flutter by with delicate motion, helping your baby relax and fall asleep. Each butterfly gets its sugar-plum sweetness from violet corduroy with gingham checks and floral appliques, plus a girly touch of lilac tulle. They float beneath a coordinating plaid canopy edged in corduroy and stripes. Sugar Plum Musical Mobile.
Price: $ 51.99
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CoCaLo Sugar Plum Window Valance Sugar Plum
Add a touch of sweetness to the nursery with a window valance in a sugar-plum palette. Practical as well as decorative, it softens light coming through the window while concealing hardware and creating a soft finish. It's easy to slip over a standard rod with loop tabs. Sugar Plum Window Valance.
Price: $ 21.99
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CoCaLo Sugar Plum Wallpaper Border Sugar Plum
Bring a butterfly garden into your child's bedroom with this easy-to-apply wallpaper border. They flit among pink flowers and pale-green stems on a lavender background bordered in violet. The soft palette complements many wall colors, and the prepasted roll is easy to apply. Sugar Plum Wallpaper Border.
Price: $ 18.99
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CoCaLo Sugar Plum Hamper Sugar Plum
Laundry looks fresh as a flower when concealed in this hamper, which bears purple blossoms nearly everywhere you look. A fanciful appliqued butterfly decorates the pink gingham flap. Inside you'll find a cotton mesh liner that pulls out for carrying clothing to the laundry room. The hamper slips onto the included stand, which folds completely flat for easy storage. Sugar Plum Hamper.
Price: $ 46.99
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CoCaLo Sugar Plum Wall Hangings Sugar Plum
Welcome a little bit of whimsy into your baby's nursery with this trio of butterflies. They get their charm from a mixture of purple, lilac, and pink fabrics with embroidered embellishments; lavender tulle accents give them an appropriately fluttery finish. Each butterfly is following a unique flight path toward what's sure to be a delightful destination. Sugar Plum Wall Hangings.
Price: $ 38.99
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CoCaLo Sugar Plum Lamp & Shade Sugar Plum
Embellished with flowers and butterflies, this lamp is a sweet decorative accent for your baby's bedroom. It's practical as well, with a dimmer that lets you adjust the light for reading, napping, or nursing. Gauzy overwings add irresistible fluttery softness to the butterfly base. Sugar Plum Lamp & Shade.
Price: $ 56.99
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CoCaLo Sugar Plum Nightlight & Switch Plate Sugar Plum
Sweetened with flowers and butterflies, this nightlight and switch plate are light-hearted accents for a baby's nursery or a little girl's bedroom. The nightlight is easy to use with an on-off toggle switch, and it gives off a soft lavender glow. Both pieces are embellished with pale-green leaves, floral wing details, and dotted flight trails. Sugar Plum Nightlight & Switch Plate.
Price: $ 28.99
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CoCaLo Creme Brulee Six-Piece Crib Set
Create a soothing nursery with the Creme Brulee Six-Piece Crib Set, tailored from luxurious fabrics in neutral tones that are perfect for boys or girls. Wonderfully soft to touch, the collection mixes checked and striped percales, cable knit, crinkled velvet, and smooth and dotted sherpa. Diamond quilting, taupe piping, and light ruffles finish the sweet and sophisticated look. Creme Brulee Six-Piece Crib Set.
Price: $ 247.99
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CoCaLo Creme Brulee Rug
Decorated with a moon and stars, the Creme Brulee Rug is sure to inspire sweet dreams. A palette of beige, ivory, and taupe gives the rug a subtle look that's just right for a boy or girl's nursery; polyester yarns make it soft and durable. Creme Brulee Rug.
Price: $ 46.99
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