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California Baby SPF 30  Everyday/Year-Round Sunscreen
California Baby SPF 30 Everyday/Year Round Sunscreen  
Guard your baby's delicate skin against perfume the damaging effects of the sun care with this everyday sunscreen, specially formulated beauty to be highly effective without the product use of typical chemical agents. A perfume wonderfully aromatic essential oil blend has care a calming effect. SPF 30 beauty Everyday/Year-Round Sunscreen.
  Price: $ 21.99
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California Baby SPF 30  Citronella Bug Blend Sunscreen
An invaluable weapon in the battle against bug bites and sunburn, this hypoallergenic formula repels insects, soothes existing bites, hydrates the skin, and offers SPF 30 sun protection. An unexpected bonus for an insect repellent: Its hardworking essential oils smell incredibly good. SPF 30 Citronella Bug Blend Sunscreen.
Price: $ 21.99
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California Baby Aloe Vera Cream
Soothe and moisturize your baby's sunburned, parched, or irritated skin with this healing blend of aloe vera, herbal extracts, and calming aromatic oils. Aloe Vera Cream.
Price: $ 14.99
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California Baby Soothing and Healing Spray
Combat the damaging effects of the environment on your baby's skin with this natural blend of healing aloe vera, yucca, Irish moss, and calming French lavender. Soothing and Healing Spray.
Price: $ 12.99
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California Baby Calming Everyday Lotion
Soothe your baby while pampering delicate skin with this ultra-gentle, head-to-toe lotion. Calming Everyday Lotion.
Price: $ 12.99
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California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash
Gentle enough for your baby's first bath, this all-natural, fragrance-free shampoo and body wash cleans with non-irritating extracts of corn, coconut, and palm nut oil instead of harsh synthetics that can irritate skin and eyes. Soothes your baby's delicate skin from head to toe and leaves her hair shiny and soft. Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash.
Price: $ 12.99
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California Baby Mommy and Daddy Overtired and Cranky Spray
When you're just about at the end of your rope, spritz yourself a dose of this aromatic mood lifter and breathe a sigh of relief as the tension dissipates. Mommy and Daddy Overtired and Cranky Spray.
Price: $ 14.95
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California Baby Citronella Summer Lotion
Protect your baby from bug bites with this safe, DEET-free lotion containing citronella, cedarwood, and lemongrass oils. The gentle, non-chemical formula repels fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and biting flies while soothing existing bites. Citronella Summer Lotion.
Price: $ 12.99
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California Baby SPF 30  Sunscreen -- No Fragrance
Designed especially for those with sensitive skin and fragrance intolerance, this non-chemical, PABA-free formula protects your baby from the harsh rays of the sun. Highly micronized titanium dioxide scatters and reflects UV rays, offering UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection. The lotion is infused with Japanese green tea (known to have antioxidant properties), and it glides on smoothly and stays put -- even in water. SPF 30 Sunscreen -- No Fragrance.
Price: $ 21.99
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California Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream
This soothing blend of ingredients -- zinc, pure lanolin, French lavender, aloe vera, tea tree oil, and vitamin E -- helps heal diaper rash and prevent new rashes from occurring by creating a moisture barrier. It possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties, so it's also great for minor cuts or burns. Calming Diaper Rash Cream.
Price: $ 12.99
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California Baby Calming Non-Talc Powder
This silky smooth, all-natural body powder contains essential oils to soothe and heal irritated skin around the diaper area. Gentle tea tree oil works as a powerful antifungal ingredient and calming French lavender contains antibacterial properties in addition to a wonderfully fresh, clean scent. Other exceptional ingredients include moisture-absorbing clays and cool, fluffy cornstarch. Calming Non-Talc Powder.
Price: $ 12.99
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California Baby Calming Botanical Hair Conditioner
This soothing hair conditioner contains an all-natural botanical blend of herbs and rich emollients that will leave your baby's delicate hair shiny and silky smooth. Natural sunscreens work to protect against damage caused by the sun's harmful rays, chlorine, and saltwater. Essential oils add calming aromatherapy properties and also leave hair smelling wonderfully fresh. It's great for moms and dads, too! Calming Botanical Hair Conditioner.
Price: $ 12.99
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California Baby Calendula Cream
This calming aromatherapy cream contains calendula, a plant that has been referred to as nature's first-aid, and has been used to heal skin for ages. Recommended for those with eczema and other skin sensitivities, it works wonderfully on diaper rash, cradle cap, minor cuts and scrapes, and on the face and body for replenishing extra-dry skin. Light and airy, this multipurpose cream absorbs completely to offer deep hydration, leaving skin satiny smooth. Calendula Cream.
Price: $ 14.99
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