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Bella Mama bella bundle
This head-to-toe mini spa set is especially designed to make moms-to-be and new mothers feel nurtured, comfortable, and beautiful. Use it to minimize stretch marks, revitalize a sleepy face, or to feel fresh all over. Each product is 100percent natural, completely free of coloring, chemicals, and artificial preservatives. The soothing and subtle fragrances are derived from pure essential oils. bella bundle.
Price: $ 25
Bella Mama Belly Butter - 2-oz.
Made from pure essential oils of lavender and mandarin, this rich and luxurious cream soothes dry, taut skin before and after childbirth. Using only the highest quality ingredients, it also helps to relieve itchiness and may help minimize stretch marks. Belly Butter - 2-oz.
Price: $ 9.5
Bella Mama Pregnant Belly Oil
No need to have a love-hate relationship with your pregnant body. Pamper it with Bella Mama for a bella belly that will grow gracefully in the coming months. This gently aromatic Pregnant Belly Oil soothes itchy skin, minimizes stretch marks, and leaves your belly satiny smooth before and after childbirth. Pregnant Belly Oil.
Price: $ 24
Bella Mama Starter Set
This is the perfect gift set to make pregnant women and new moms feel pampered. Each product is made from all-natural, pregnancy-safe ingredients that are completely free of coloring, chemicals, and artificial ingredients. Bella Mama Starter Set.
Price: $ 37.5

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