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Alex My Tabletop Easel
Alex My Tabletop Easel  
This double-sided easel turns any table, perfume desk, or countertop into an instant care art studio. There's a chalkboard on beauty one side and a wipe-clean painting product board on the other, so two perfume beginning artists can creatively coexist. The care paint cups won't tip and the beauty big-handled brushes are easy for small product hands to grasp.

Made in China My perfume Tabletop Easel.
  Price: $ 49.99
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Alex My Tabletop Easel
This double-sided easel turns any table, desk, or countertop into an instant art studio. There's a chalkboard on one side and a wipe-clean painting board on the other, so two beginning artists can creatively coexist. The paint cups won't tip and the big-handled brushes are easy for small hands to grasp.

Made in China My Tabletop Easel.
Price: $ 49.99
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Alex Super Rolling Art Center
Put your child's creativity on a roll with this award-winning easel. It travels from room to room on large, smooth-rolling wheels, going wherever the artist's muse takes it. There's a chalkboard with storage cups on one side, a wipe-clean painting board with spill-proof paint cups on the other. Plus a paper roll and two shelves for storing art supplies.

Made in China Super Rolling Art Center.
Price: $ 175.99
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Alex Pirates of the Tub
With dozens of foam cutouts, a floating pirate island, and three squirt toys, the Pirates of the Tub set is ready to launch on the foamy seas of the bathtub. The foamy pieces include an elaborate pirate ship, compass rose, palm tree, parrot, cannon, and much more. Plus, the island can be embellished with assorted characters and figures. After washing, rinsing, raiding, and pillaging, the toys can be stored and dried in the included mesh bag, which suctions to the tub or tile.

Made in China Pirates of the Tub.
Price: $ 19.99
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Alex Sprinkle 'n Spout Garden
Every garden loves lots of water, so this little flowerbed will thrive in the bathtub. The Sprinkle 'n Spout Garden includes a watering can, flowerpot, and three blossoms, each with holes and spouts that encourage all kinds of pouring, scooping, and splashing activities. The removable pieces nest in the green base, which has suction cups for easy mounting to the tub or tile.

Made in China Sprinkle 'n Spout Garden.
Price: $ 17.99
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Alex 24 Finger Crayons
Put the next masterpiece right at their fingertips with this set of Finger Crayons. Small fingers can slip right into each crayon, and kids can load up on 10 colors at once for wildly creative coloring. The rounded design is also easy for small hands to hold. The crayons stack up for storage, too.

Made in China 24 Finger Crayons.
Price: $ 16.99
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Alex Pirate Tent Playset
Give your young swashbucklers their very own pirate ship with the Pirate Tent Playset. The printed nylon vessel comes complete with a Jolly Roger, red-and-white banners, and a crow's nest -- the door flap doubles as a plank. An easy pop-open design ensures that there won't be any arrrghs during setup.

Made in China Pirate Tent Playset.
Price: $ 64.99
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Alex My Art Apron
Keep your little Picasso's clothes clean while supplies stay organized and accessible with this colorful art apron. Large pockets in front hold everything from paint brushes to markers, and adjustable hook-and-loop straps make it easy to put on and take off.

Made in China My Art Apron.
Price: $ 9.99
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Alex Tub Tunes Water Drums
Let your little drummer boy or girl explore the principles of rhythm while splish-splashing in the tub, pool, or at the kitchen sink with real drums that float on water. Your child can improvise or practice hand-eye coordination with the included waterproof rhythm chart. You can even change the pitch by tipping the drums to let air escape.

Made in China Tub Tunes Water Drums.
Price: $ 12.99
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Alex Tub Tunes Water Xylophone
Rub-a-dub-dub, let's play some music in the tub. This nifty little bath toy lets your child pound out some tunes on a set of linking xylophone keys that can be arranged to play set melodies using the color-coded music charts. Or the linking keys can be switched around to make some new tunes -- and the keys will even stick on the walls of the tub.

Made in China Tub Tunes Water Xylophone.
Price: $ 12.99
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Alex In My Kitchen
This cute, compact toy kitchen allows your child's imagination to cook up a storm. Pancakes? Pizza? Potstickers? They'll be ready in a jiffy.

Made in China In My Kitchen.
Price: $ 59.99
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Alex Princess in the Tub
Being the fairest of them all starts with getting nice and clean. And cleaning up is much more glamorous with the Princess in the Tub set -- a bejeweled tiara, a handheld mirror, and a star-topped wand that comes to life with lights and sounds when dipped in water. Note: the wand is perfectly safe in water and requires no batteries.

Made in China Princess in the Tub.
Price: $ 19.99
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Alex Travel Toy Tote
Wherever kids go, they take a ton of stuff with them -- snacks, toys, wipes, and other essentials. Keep it all organized with the Travel Toy Tote for car and carrying. The colorful nylon container offers a multitude of conveniently sized pockets and compartments under a zippered lid flap. The Velcro strap attaches securely to a seatbelt and doubles as an over-the-shoulder carrying strap.

Made in China Travel Toy Tote.
Price: $ 26.99
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Alex Piggy Pigs in the Tub
These four muddy pigs are eager to jump in the tub at bath time. Like magic, the dirty spots disappear in warm water, so the Piggy Pigs in the Tub are suddenly fresh and clean; the spots reappear as the pieces cool. Each pig also offers fun squirting action.

Made in China Piggy Pigs in the Tub.
Price: $ 11.99
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Alex Tub Tunes Water Tambourine
With the Tub Tunes Water Tambourine in hand, your child can shake and shimmy while scrubbing and dubbing. It's made of sturdy, waterproof plastic in the shape of a turtle, with a rustproof cymbal at each foot and a plastic drum in the center.

Made in China Tub Tunes Water Tambourine.
Price: $ 11.95
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Alex Rub a Dub Fun in the Tub Backpack
Getting clean is a lot more fun with this bathtub bag of tricks. Your child will love soaping up with brightly colored finger paints, drawing on the tub with wipe-away crayons, decorating the tiles with foam time will go on until the last drop of water spins down the drain.

Made in China Rub a Dub Fun in the Tub Backpack.
Price: $ 18.95
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Alex Dot-to-Dot Art to Go
This bucket full of art supplies is a surefire way to keep your child happily occupied in a restaurant, a doctor's waiting room anywhere a little distraction comes in handy. It's a durable, colorful vinyl tote with eight pockets around the outside, each labeled to hold crayons, markers, chalk, paint brushes, scissors, or pencils.

Made in China Dot-to-Dot Art to Go.
Price: $ 24.99
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Alex My First Desk Primary
This compact desk set turns a previously unused corner into a child-sized activity center. With a chalkboard desktop and built-in storage for craft supplies, it offers plenty of outlets for your child's creativity, and encourages her to play independently with endless projects to call her own.

Made in China My First Desk.
Price: $ 84.99
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Alex Jungle Tub Tales
This fun bath book livens up bath time with its great pictures and simple text. It floats, and even has a peekaboo flap on the cover. What's hiding under the palm tree? Your child will love opening the flap and meeting the smiling little tiger.

Made in China Jungle Tub Tales.
Price: $ 6.99
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Alex Rub a Dub Stickers for the Tub Beep Beep
Turn your bathtub into a beautiful garden complete with flowers and butterflies with Tub Garden stickers; or build a busy interconnecting roadway for cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles with Beep Beep stickers.

Made in China Rub a Dub Stickers for the Tub.
Price: $ 11.99
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Alex Rub a Dub Artist in the Tub
When creativity calls, give your kitchen table and floors a break (and you, too!) and let your child go wild with this bathtub painting set. Pour one of the five brightly colored paints in the fish roller tray. The paint can be applied to the tub or tile, or even to your child's skin. Each stamper has special handles that fold back and snap into place so they are super-easy to hold.

Made in China Rub a Dub Artist in the Tub.
Price: $ 26.99
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Alex Completer Cook Set
Unlike its plastic counterparts, this quality stainless steel cookware set will stand up to years of use while retaining its nostalgic charm.

Made in China Completer Cook Set.
Price: $ 21.99
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Alex Car Valet
This brightly polka-dotted zippered portfolio attaches to your front-seat headrest, keeping art supplies organized in the car and within your child's reach. An adjustable zip-down flap lays flat against the seat for hanging storage, or secures at a 90-degree angle to offer an on-the-road drawing surface. It also makes a perfect airplane activity carry-on.

Made in China Car Valet.
Price: $ 29.99
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Alex My Workbench
If you build it, your child will come. This attractive wooden workbench on wheels is the keeper of endless construction possibilities. Hammering, tightening bolts, turning screws..all great ways to hone fine motor skills -- with something to show for your child's effort.

Made in China My Workbench.
Price: $ 67.99
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Alex My Art Desk
Gather all the miscellaneous art supplies that are floating around the house, sort them into the four cupholders built into this tilting chalkboard desktop, and your child will suddenly have an art studio dedicated to the proposition of busting boredom and nurturing creativity.

Made in China My Art Desk.
Price: $ 159.99
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Alex Super Art Apron
Your child's job is to explore the endless frontiers of creativity with abandon -- not worry about keeping those cute clothes clean. This wipe-clean vinyl apron allows you to enjoy arts-and-crafts time as much as your child, without a thought to buying stock in stain remover.

Made in China Super Art Apron.
Price: $ 11.99
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Alex Sponge Painting Party
This sponge painting kit promises buckets of fun. Perfect for rainy days or when it just feels like art time, this carry-along bucket is filled with all of the sponge painting tools of the trade. It's great for hands-on, tactile fun, and, like all art projects, a terrific form of self-expression.

Made in China Sponge Painting Party.
Price: $ 24.99
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Alex Finger Painting Party
When inspiration strikes, get out the finger paints and let your kids explore the fun of making art. Equipped with six jars of colorful finger paint, cool tools, and charming cut-out shapes, this bucket has everything a child needs to get creative. And don't be surprised if a few toes make their way into the fun!

Made in China Finger Painting Party.
Price: $ 24.99
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Alex Beginner Paint Brush Set
Little children don't yet have the fine motor skills to grasp slim art brushes effectively. With a chunky, ergonomic design, these are the perfect beginner paint brushes. Their uniquely designed bulb-shaped handles are just right for little hands, as well as for young artists with special needs.

Made in China Beginner Paint Brush Set.
Price: $ 6.99
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