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Alex Jr. Funny Bunny Blocks
Alex Jr. Funny Bunny Blocks  
What squeaks, crinkles, rattles, and reflects? perfume This fun foursome of soft fabric care blocks. Each block is an activity beauty all its own with a merry product mix of colors and patterns and perfume a stimulating sound or mirror. A care striped blue bunny case adds an beauty element of imaginative play.

Made in Sri product Lanka Alex Jr. Funny Bunny Blocks.
  Price: $ 24.99
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Alex Jr. Funny Bunny Blocks
What squeaks, crinkles, rattles, and reflects? This fun foursome of soft fabric blocks. Each block is an activity all its own with a merry mix of colors and patterns and a stimulating sound or mirror. A striped blue bunny case adds an element of imaginative play.

Made in Sri Lanka Alex Jr. Funny Bunny Blocks.
Price: $ 24.99
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Alex Jr. 'Round the Farm
This soft velour ball is four animals in one: Rolling it around reveals a smiling dog, cat, pig, and frog. Your child will quickly learn that pressing an ear inspires each barnyard buddy to make its sound (Ruff! Meow! Oink! Ribbit!). And the looped, knotted tail encourages pinching and poking -- activities known to improve dexterity.

Made in Sri Lanka Alex Jr. 'Round the Farm.
Price: $ 24.99
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Alex Jr. Busy Bee Discovery Flower
Fold open these activity-filled flower petals and unfurl the fun. The smiling bugs make music, crinkling, squeaking, and rattling sounds. And look! Whose face is that in the mirror? Soft velour loops and knots invite tactile exploration, allowing your baby's dexterity to blossom.

Made in Sri Lanka Alex Jr. Busy Bee Discovery Flower.
Price: $ 34.99
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Alex Rub a Dub Build a City Island
Bath time is build time with these floating foam blocks. They're printed on both sides with the makings of an entire city. Your child will stack tall buildings onto the floating platform then populate the island with people, cars, and trees. The construction pieces fit into a hanging mesh bag until it's time to rebuild.

Made in China Rub a Dub Build a City Island.
Price: $ 23.99
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Alex Rub a Dub Stickers for the Tub City
Turn your bathtub into a beautiful garden complete with flowers and butterflies with Tub Garden stickers; or build a busy interconnecting roadway for cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles with Beep Beep stickers.

Made in China Rub a Dub Stickers for the Tub.
Price: $ 11.99
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Alex Tub Tunes Water Piano
Playing the piano in the tub is hopping good fun when accompanied by this floating frog. Your child can follow the color-coded song sheets to play familiar tunes or happily improvise until the soapsuds fade away.

Made in China Tub Tunes Water Piano.
Price: $ 24.99
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Alex Zoominoes 28-piece Domino Game
Sure, playing dominoes with your child teaches matching skills. And yes, it hones observation abilities. But add a zoo full of cheery animals to the game and all that learning is a lot more fun. Try practicing animal sounds each time a match is made!

Made in China Zoominoes 28-piece Domino Game.
Price: $ 11.99
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Alex It's a Match! Fun Food Memory Skill Game
Pizza and cupcakes may be your child's idea of a winning match, but not in this game. Each player flips a card to reveal a yummy food graphic, then tries to pick its matching food from the face-down cards. In this case, two lollipops are better than one!

Made in China It's a Match! Fun Food Memory Skill Game.
Price: $ 9.99
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Alex Curvy Swervy Matching Game
Double-sided pieces make for twice the fun. Assembled one way this puzzle forms a swervy snake, the other way it's a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam that challenges your child to match taxi to taxi, fire truck to fire truck.

Made in China Curvy Swervy Matching Game.
Price: $ 11.99
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Alex Build a World Nesting Boxes
Nesting these see-through cubes creates multi-layered scenes that inspire creative storytelling. Match four jungle scenes to spark a jungle story..four farm scenes to spin a barnyard tale. But the fun really starts when your child layers jungle, farm, ocean, and backyard scenes to create wonderfully mixed-up worlds.

Made in China Build a World Nesting Boxes.
Price: $ 15.99
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Alex Learn to Dress Monkey
This dapper monkey is dressed for success. By dressing and undressing him, your child will be mastering practical skills like zipping, buttoning, buckling, and tying. His shoes, socks, shirt, and overalls are all removable.

Made in China Learn to Dress Monkey.
Price: $ 29.99
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Alex Clay Pictures
Here's a fun variation on traditional coloring-book activities. Three picture molds -- a butterfly, tiger, and fish -- become colorful scenes as your child fills them in with clay. The push-and-smush clay never dries out, so your budding artist can create and re-create endless color combinations. Each picture goes from mush to masterpiece with the addition of a background scene and bright frame.

Made in China Clay Pictures.
Price: $ 10.99
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Alex Paper Bag Puppets
With a little creativity and a generous supply of decorative stickers and punch-outs, a plain paper bag comes to life as a lion, a frog, a cow, a chicken - there's no telling what your child will dream up. Let the puppet show begin!

Made in China Paper Bag Puppets.
Price: $ 10.99
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Alex My Rub Art
As these textured patterns rub off onto plain white stickers, a bit of artistic influence rubs off onto your child. Your young artist will then apply the crayon-rubbed shapes to six backgrounds to create one-of-a-kind scenes.

Made in China My Rub Art.
Price: $ 10.99
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Alex My Tabletop Easel
This double-sided easel turns any table, desk, or countertop into an instant art studio. There's a chalkboard on one side and a wipe-clean painting board on the other, so two beginning artists can creatively coexist. The paint cups won't tip and the big-handled brushes are easy for small hands to grasp.

Made in China My Tabletop Easel.
Price: $ 49.99
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Alex Super Rolling Art Center
Put your child's creativity on a roll with this award-winning easel. It travels from room to room on large, smooth-rolling wheels, going wherever the artist's muse takes it. There's a chalkboard with storage cups on one side, a wipe-clean painting board with spill-proof paint cups on the other. Plus a paper roll and two shelves for storing art supplies.

Made in China Super Rolling Art Center.
Price: $ 175.99
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Alex Pirates of the Tub
With dozens of foam cutouts, a floating pirate island, and three squirt toys, the Pirates of the Tub set is ready to launch on the foamy seas of the bathtub. The foamy pieces include an elaborate pirate ship, compass rose, palm tree, parrot, cannon, and much more. Plus, the island can be embellished with assorted characters and figures. After washing, rinsing, raiding, and pillaging, the toys can be stored and dried in the included mesh bag, which suctions to the tub or tile.

Made in China Pirates of the Tub.
Price: $ 19.99
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Alex Sprinkle 'n Spout Garden
Every garden loves lots of water, so this little flowerbed will thrive in the bathtub. The Sprinkle 'n Spout Garden includes a watering can, flowerpot, and three blossoms, each with holes and spouts that encourage all kinds of pouring, scooping, and splashing activities. The removable pieces nest in the green base, which has suction cups for easy mounting to the tub or tile.

Made in China Sprinkle 'n Spout Garden.
Price: $ 17.99
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Alex 24 Finger Crayons
Put the next masterpiece right at their fingertips with this set of Finger Crayons. Small fingers can slip right into each crayon, and kids can load up on 10 colors at once for wildly creative coloring. The rounded design is also easy for small hands to hold. The crayons stack up for storage, too.

Made in China 24 Finger Crayons.
Price: $ 16.99
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Alex Pirate Tent Playset
Give your young swashbucklers their very own pirate ship with the Pirate Tent Playset. The printed nylon vessel comes complete with a Jolly Roger, red-and-white banners, and a crow's nest -- the door flap doubles as a plank. An easy pop-open design ensures that there won't be any arrrghs during setup.

Made in China Pirate Tent Playset.
Price: $ 64.99
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Alex My Art Apron
Keep your little Picasso's clothes clean while supplies stay organized and accessible with this colorful art apron. Large pockets in front hold everything from paint brushes to markers, and adjustable hook-and-loop straps make it easy to put on and take off.

Made in China My Art Apron.
Price: $ 9.99
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Alex Tub Tunes Water Drums
Let your little drummer boy or girl explore the principles of rhythm while splish-splashing in the tub, pool, or at the kitchen sink with real drums that float on water. Your child can improvise or practice hand-eye coordination with the included waterproof rhythm chart. You can even change the pitch by tipping the drums to let air escape.

Made in China Tub Tunes Water Drums.
Price: $ 12.99
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Alex Tub Tunes Water Xylophone
Rub-a-dub-dub, let's play some music in the tub. This nifty little bath toy lets your child pound out some tunes on a set of linking xylophone keys that can be arranged to play set melodies using the color-coded music charts. Or the linking keys can be switched around to make some new tunes -- and the keys will even stick on the walls of the tub.

Made in China Tub Tunes Water Xylophone.
Price: $ 12.99
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